Results of Farmers Hope Inn Investigation to be Revealed

Four months ago, representatives from the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society spent two nights at Farmers Hope Inn, investigating reports of unusual sights and sounds emanating from within the walls of the 18th-century landmark.

Tomorrow, they will share their results, along with a member of Penn Paranormal’s team in Lancaster, which paid a visit to the inn along Route 72 on Monday, armed with five cameras and a voice recorder.

Terri Brown, who owns the inn with her husband, Tim, said she didn’t provide investigators with too much background information about the inn and its former inhabitants, who some say still stop by for visits from another world.

One of those is Stanley Peiffer, who owned the inn in the late 1940s.

“He’s recent,” Terri said. “He wears suspenders and stands up against a pole, and he smokes. I smell the smoke, and we don’t allow it anymore.”

Stanley has been seen just inside the main door, she added.

“He’s our greeter,” she said. “Apparently, he’s the one who protects us.”

The Penn Paranormal investigators asked Terri if there were any children on the premises. There had been reports of a child ghost, Terri told them.

“They heard something different on their recording, like a child’s giggle,” she said. “They were able to determine she was about this tall,” she added, holding a hand about three feet off the floor.

Joining the paranormal investigators will be clairvoyant Michele Livingston from Camp Hill.

Stay tuned...

Previous report at Lancaster County, PA Inn Awaits Results of Paranormal Probe

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