Russian Expedition to Find the Siberian Yeti Underway

Siberia is a very big place. To get an idea of just how big think of Australia times about two. It is also a very sparsely populated place with a density of about three people per kilometre. As one can imagine, such a place would include natural areas that have hardly been seen by any humans and ground never walked upon by people. It is hardly surprising that such an environment would hold many secrets.

In the last four months alone in the Kemerovo district, in south-west Siberia, no less than twelve credible witnesses have insisted that they have seen a Yeti or Bigfoot type Snowman. The creatures were spotted in a mountainous area known as Azzaskoy Caves 60 km from Tashtagol town centre. This area is a wilderness, remote from any human settlement.

Furthermore local have known about the creatures they refer to as ‘Black People’ for generations and claim to have seen them regularly. The ‘Black People’ are described as being 1.5-2 meters tall, covered in black fur, and walking upright: like humans. Samples of footprints have been examined.

The sightings are being taken seriously enough for the University of Kemerovo to organise a full scientific expedition to finally confirm or deny their existence. The scientists will enter the caves they are rumoured to dwell with extreme caution. Local academics suggest that the creatures might be a relic hominid population distantly related to human beings.

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