Severed Human Head Found Hanging Over Bangkok Bridge

A man's head has been found in a plastic bag dangling 25ft from a bridge in Bangkok. Police are trying to identify the western man, who could be British, slain in a bloody mafia style killing.

A clumsy suicide note was etched on to a railing of the gold painted 1.5 mile long Rama VIII suspension bridge but police said this was a diversion tactic.

The note read: "Kath, I want but I can not. I came to Bangkok to be you", and suggested the author could have been a foreign tourist who was jilted in love.

But police Colonel Atcharat Heamathanon said: “The case has interested the most senior police here.

“This looks much more like a mafia, or drug related killing. It’s not a suicide. The victim just has been made out to look like a heart-broken tourist.”

The bad use of English in the note suggests it was written by someone who did not have English as a first language. Police say it could not have been written willingly by the victim, who was found yesterday afternoon.
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