Video: Olympic Flight 266 Tower Audio -Translated

The video and transcript have been translated:

Narrator: November 11, 2007, Flight 266 from London to Athens. Everything began when the captain of the flight No 266 of the company Olympic Airways, direct from London to Athens, a strange UFO or moving object in the area west of Athens. It was like a star, but much bigger and bright, and constantly changing its shape.

At the same time, the captains of two other flights of Olympic Airways, the 730 and 700 reported seeing the UFO as well.

This was also confirmed by the control tower in Athens, whose employees were able to observe Karystos, a small town on the island of Evia.

Civil contact with the military, which responded that they spotted the object, traveling at an icredible speed in a northern direction from the radar station on Mount Parnitha Athenian.

The presidium of the radar station describes the UFO as a slightly unusual and not attributable to aircraft known.

The strange object was also photographed by the soldiers of the station, but to date there have been no public photos.

Narrator: November 11, 2007, Flight 266 from London to Athens. Olympic Airways pilot to communicate with flight control at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens International) - this is the conversation:

Pilot: Olympic Tower 266? Receive me?

Tower: Go

Pilot: There other aircraft flying around/near us?

Torre: negative, "Why?

Pilot: I see to my right, about the same height, an unknown object flying from the south east.

Torre: No, nothing is all. What is it? Is it harassing your flight?

Pilot: For the moment no, but its altitude and direction are not stable.

Torre: What exactly do you mean? Because I have no trace on the radar.

Pilot: Increases speed and its movements are irregular.

Torre: Olympic, continue current trajectory and altitude according to the flight plan and stay in touch.

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