Video: Paranormal Researcher To Examine Haunted Painting

Several weeks ago I implored the services of a well known paranormal investigator to examine the painting. After the painting became too active for me to comfortably handle, I returned it to my storage unit. I witnessed large flashes of light coming from the painting and then all of the electricity in my home shut off and would not be turned on via circuit breakers for over an hour. I had to call the electric company, and while they were not able to pinpoint the exact cause, I know the electrical interference had to do with the painting. Later that same evening, I witnessed a large transparent figure standing near the painting. She was a female figure, very beautiful, and was dressed in flowing robes. This activity was the culmination of what was a very active week with this painting.

Because I have so many items in my collection as well as many private clients for my spellwork, paranormal items, and curios, I haven’t had the time to fully plunge the depths of this painting. I felt it would be better in the hands of someone who is more enthusiastic about studying it and has a good amount of time to devote to it exclusively. Since I don’t have the time to study and engage the painting as much as I would like, I felt that all of the activity it was exhibiting was wasted, in a sense. Mr. B will be giving me updates on his findings periodically, which I have been granted permission to post here in this blog. I am loaning the painting to him for a period of one month.

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