Paranormal Experiences, Seeded Subconscious, or Active Imagination?

The following was posted on the ATS board today. I'd like to get some response from our readers since it sort of ties in with the 'shadow people' letters that were posted.

Hello! I've been reading the contents of this board (ATS) for the past couple of months, and I'm impressed with the level of research and seriousness that many people here give to the UFO/alien/paranormal phenomenon. Because of this, I feel safe enough to post some rather strange experiences that I've been having lately. I feel in my heart that these experiences will be taken seriously within this community because some things cannot be discussed in 'normal' circles without people pulling away or thinking a person is crazy. Forgive me for burdening you, but I need help ascertaining what may be going on in the event that it isn't just my imagination.

For the past couple of months, I have been obsessed with the topic of UFOs, aliens, 2012, etc. I think what started my obsession is when I stumbled upon a youtube video about how the government has the technology to holographically fake the second coming of Christ and how this technology has already been used to trick Muslim prisoners into thinking that they are speaking to Allah in order to obtain information from them. Needless to say, I was floored by the realization that our government has this technology and may even have plans to use it to bring about the New World Order.

To make a long story short, not long after I started researching this information, I had what scientist call 'sleep paralysis' where I consciously woke up and was unable to move. Fortunately, I saw no entities of any kind that are sometimes reported as abductions (and may well be). I recall seeing my body as if I had temporarily disconnected from myself somehow, and I wasn't afraid. I was actually elated by this because it confirmed my belief that we are indeed spirit within our bodies. A couple of nights later, I don't know if I had some type of 'lucid dream', possible abduction, or a nightmare, but I vividly recall floating in my kitchen. I tried to scream out, but I couldn't. I somehow remembered from some of my research that praying would stop an abduction if one were indeed taking place (not saying that it was). I started to pray and was 'zapped' back into my body or woke up (I'm not sure which) suddenly with my heart racing and out of breath. The odd thing about these scenarios is that I've never experienced sleep paralysis nor been able to consciously interact within a 'dream'. I always thought that kind of stuff was hogwash or that I wasn't one of those people smart enough or enlightened enough to be able to do it.

Last night, I felt a compulsion to look outside the door at the sky like I've been doing for the past couple of months trying to see something/anything in the sky. When I opened the door, I heard a series of tones or beeps to my left, and the dogs started barking and ran in that direction. I became frightened and shut the door.

I'm also having strange dreams about planets, mathematics, snakes, etc. Does this sound like I'm having paranormal experiences or could it be that my subconscious has been seeded with all that I've been reading? Is it just my imagination? I'd truly like any serious input on this matter. I consider myself a logical, sane, open-minded individual-- for the most part anyway. I appreciate any help. Thank you for your time.

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