Photo: UFO / OVNI Captured Over Cerro Azul, Panama

Witness statement to MUFON (general translation): On February 15, 2004, I was in the house of my sister 30 miles east of the capital of Panama, a town called Cerro Azul. That Sunday I woke up early and was taking some photos of the sunrise with my digital camera. I took 2 photos in 2 minutes interval, however when I reviewed the photos I noticed that the first photo (at 6:19 AM) a bright object.

I had no idea that this object was there.

Seeking to find an explanation, I submitted the photo to the APAA (Association n Panama of Amateur Astronomers) who meet yearly at the University of Panama. They analyzed the photo and suggested I pass to UFO Hunters at History Channel. They never responded.

Tonight I saw your program Ovnis on Earth on the Discovery Channel and I liked it. For this reason I write and share the picture with you. Finally I say that I am a very serious person, 44 years of age, working in the banking sector for several years and I have no intention to commit fraud? I only seek your comment on the photo.


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