Possible 'Landing Circles' Discovered in Indiana

MUFON Report:


7:48 PM 3/22/2009

Saturday March 21, at about 4:30 to 4:35 PM, I decided to try to retrieve golf balls that I knew I had sliced off into the field in question. The balls had been there since last fall, but are hard to find due to the fact our field in this county are not tilled.

After finding four golf balls and knowing there were more, I ventured somewhere 110 feet further back into the field came across a 12 foot in diameter circle.

I returned home, grabbed my Sony handy cam, and returned to the location of the circle, photographed and took video of the said circle.

I returned to the area around 5:00 PM after inspecting it to be sure I wasn't just seeing what I wanted to see, or that it might be something explainable.

I returned home, showed the photos to my mother. She then proceeds to tell me she could swear she saw something strange in the sky to the northwest of our home in the sky. I cannot confirm this myself.

After reviewing the photos and video clips, I called a close friend, told him I had found something I wanted to get his opinion. At about 7:30, we left my home headed to the site. I waited to discuss the situation with him until we arrived. We took more video, measured the area, and took soil samples while taking video for evidence. Also one sample within the circular pattern, and one soil sample from just outside.

The circular pattern was completely dry, while outside of it was damp or moist. This is visible in one of my photos that I will attach to this report. It looked as if someone laid a round pattern on the ground, and dried the inner part with a hair drier, making a perfect dry pattern in the end.

There is a pile of dead corn stalks and bean stalks inside the circle that seem to show evidence of a swirl pattern (not well defined, but seems to be a slight swirl) to the outer part of the circle. The story is different, there's an inch or more of plant matter that has been moved in what looks to be a swirl pattern around said area.

There is more, but I'm out of room here. We returned on the 22nd with metal detector, compass, and a stud finder to test for anything abnormal. We got nothing with the metal detector or compass. The stud finder, on the other hand, acted strange which I did not expect, and this means nothing to me. It was just an idea and these items were all we had to investigate with.

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