Video: Flashing UFO Captured Over Saskatoon, SK, Canada - 3/10/09

Statement with video: At about 11:00 pm on Mar. 10th, I was sitting at my computer which is on the main floor of the house and I noticed a bright light shining on my face from just over-top of my neighbor's roof across the cul-du-sac facing west. Assuming it was the street-light from a neighboring cul-du-sac I tried to reposition myself so that it wouldn't be shining directly on my face. After about 15 seconds, I noticed that it was shining on my face again. Looking at the light source again I noticed it was significantly higher in the sky than last time, and minutely larger. I figured something strange was up and reached for my digital camera that lives on my computer desk. To my chagrin, my better camera was all the way over in another room and I didn't think I had time to grab it, so I took my crappy old digital camera, set it to Video mode, and pointed it at the object.

The larger flashing lights on the object seemed to be oriented as though they were on the tips of a + sign, and they alternated at random intervals back and forth. Aside from other assorted little flashing lights, I noticed (when it got closer) what seemed like a steady stream of smaller, dimmer lights outlining the object. It's hard to describe the shape they seemed to form around the + lights, it was kind of a wobbly circle.

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