Videos: UFOs / OVNIs Captured at Xochimilco and Palenque, Mexico

Peruvian researcher Ricardo Gonzalez was visiting Mexico and during his stay he witnessed two sightings. The first in Xochimilco and the second in Palenque.

Statement: About 35 people witnessed the appearance of this object on the sky of southern Xochimilco, Mexico City, on Saturday February 21 2009. The sighting was filmed by Ricardo Gonzalez, moments before delivering a workshop on close encounters.

UFO was initially suspended in the sky, and when the camcorder is ready to capture the sighting (with a Sony DCR-DVD301 affixed to a tripod) the object began to move in the clouds and disappeared.

Statement: After visiting the Mayan archaeological site of Palenque, a light appeared concentrated at low altitudes in the night sky, moving without any sound. Sighting caught the attention of the people who were gathered at the scene, especially tourists from various countries.

Video shot by Ricardo Gonzalez
13 March 2009

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