400-Year-Old Cat Mummy Discovered in Cottage Wall

Undertaking a spot of renovation work can uncover some nasty surprises but this is the mummy of all shocks.

A funeral director has found a perfectly preserved 400-year-old cat behind the wall of his cottage. 'The builders were stripping one of the bathrooms upstairs and this little fellow came to light,' said Richard Parson.

'It is quite scary-looking and is a lot bigger than a normal domestic cat,' added the 42-year-old.

It is thought the animal either crawled behind the wall and got stuck or its body was placed there by a past resident to ward off evil spirits.

Neighbours in Ugborough, Devon, told Mr Parson the cat was found 20 years ago by previous owners – but was put back.

And he is planning to do the same. 'It is a little bit of village history and adds charm to the property,' he said.

Cats were often put into walls 'to keep away witches, the evil eye, bad luck and vermin,' said Dr Marion Gibson, a witchcraft expert at Exeter University.

A child's boot is also supposedly hidden in the house as a good luck charm because it was once a cobbler's shop.
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