Amityville Ghostbuster Hans Holzer Dies Aged 89

The Crossing of An Original Modern-Day Pioneering Ghost Hunter Who Broke The Haunted Barriers.

Professor, Parapsychologist, Writer, Humanitarian, Vegan, Spiritualist, Friend, Mentor, Son, Brother, Father, Grandfather and Spouse-Author, Dr. Hans Holzer.

Hans Holzer, known as the Father of the Paranormal, died Sunday at his Manhattan home after a long illness.

Dr. Hans Holzer, PhD, authored over 145 titles including Murder At Amityville, which was the basis for the 1982 film Amityville II: The Possession.

Having earned his PhD from the London College of Applied Science, he spent over five decades traveling the world to obtain first hand accounts of paranormal experiences, interviewing expert researchers, and developing parapsychological protocols and terminology such as 'sensitive' and 'beings of light'.

Holzer had hundreds of national and regional talk show appearances, co-hosting/hosting programs such as Ghost Hunter on Boston's Channel 2, NBC's In Search Of with Leonard Nemoy (an Alan Landsburg productions), Murder in Amityville, Beyond The Five Senses in Louisville, KY, Explorations with Brownville Productions in Ohio, Radio including a continuous segment with New York City's WOR with famed radio personality Joe Franklin who still is a family friend.


If anyone knew and could grasp the concept of what death really was, it was my father Professor (as he liked to be called) Dr. Hans Holzer.

What can I say that already has not been publicized throughout six-decades via the media, television, lectures, radio, film and literary libraries brimming to it's shelf edges on a grand field covering so many topics. He even wrote a book on poetry, plants that he felt actually 'felt' and so on. He's been around so long that many of his book publishers don't even exist anymore and the ghosts have run into him on several occasions! One could say he probably met the same ones a few too many times having quite the conversation. Yeah, he's been around the paranormal block a few times I'd say.

A lover of all things of the living and of the dead with layers in-between to the unknown, my father was the pinnacle of a foundation that later on caught attention yet again with new technologies at our disposal, furthermore propelling the future of the field via popular cable shows, continued interest for documentaries and internet radio surges.

Honestly, I can go on but that's why I wrote Growing up Haunted and why father wrote all that he did. It's very easy in this day and age to google him, pick up a book or two and familiarize yourselves if not already as to who he was to a growing field, still leaving us with many unanswered questions into the abyss of what is called the unknown. More importantly, he had a wit about him that could go unmatched as his uncanny ability to work over any room with any persona perhaps will not be experienced in my lifetime. Father came from a time and place (some say another planet) that today's generations cannot relate to or comprehend. It is this back-story that cemented his ideals and future visions to unlock some of life's mysteries without disrespecting or competing in-order to obtain results and anything else that came with the para-territory. He was the real deal and will be a hard act to follow.

Although not perfect as no human being is, he had his downfalls and 'issues' but that's what made him the real mckoy. He didn't really pay attention to the James Randi's of the world as he stuck to his faith and systems that never failed him. So much so I have in turn adapted many of his techniques not because he's my father but because they really are genuine to what being in this field is all about. He carried a plate full of persona's covering a gambit of ways to express and serve the paranormal and literary communities from around the globe, as he became a beacon of hope for many internationally. He was never one to have managers or agents as he'd say, "What's the point? I do it myself!" He just gang-busted his way through the years learning and discovering himself teaching others around him at all ages. Yes, he did prefer the 'younger' ladies and many of them ended up on his 'doctors' couch in his office lair to be taught mediumship. I often wondered about that technique.

Look, Elvis Presley was a fan of my father's owning several of his books and when I found out I was floored but yet at the same moment, understood why. If you get 'it' in your lifetime about what and why were here then someone like a Dr. Hans Holzer is a person you'd follow, respect and admire.

Holzer retired in 2008. He resided and passed peacefully in his Manhattan home of which he lived half of his remaining life. He loved Manhattan. It certainly was one of many 'apples' in his eye.

Services and a big to-do was not what he wanted and so having said that, what we are doing will be at a disclosed location for private family members only. If you want to contribute in some way to his life then please buy one of his books and have a good read.



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