Brazil Government Releases Secret UFO Dossier

Link to CBU website

In what is a milestone and historic event for Brazilian ufology and for ufologists around the world Brazil’s UFO community has gained access to previously classified top-secret UFO files.

The UFO community headed by the CBU or Commission of Brazilian Ufologists has been fighting for access to these files for over a year under freedom of information provisions and has emerged from this battle victorious.

The Government has previously released in stages various files on the topic depending on the level of their classification but has now released files on the most significant and highly classified UFO events, including the famous and most coveted file of all: the one pertaining to Brazil’s own ‘Roswell’ incident, ‘The Official Night of the UFOs’.

On this night, back in May of 1986, twenty UFOs were tracked by radar and chased by six military planes. The then minister of Aviation, Brigadier General Otavio Moreira Lima confirmed the event and later went on record stating that he believed humanity would soon make contact with extraterrestrials.

The minister also stated that Brazil had the right to reveal to its population the reality of the existence of aliens if the need arose without America’s permission. He then went on to make the interesting remark that while many people were ready to accept the idea of aliens many were not ready for this kind of information.

The CBU congregated in Brasilia and met with senior representatives of the Air Force last Friday. The Ufologists stated that they were able to see and examine but not study in detail the various top-secret files that were brought to the meeting including those regarding the 1986 incident.

Already late last year they gained access to the files pertaining to ‘Operation Prato’, an extensive military investigation into widespread UFO incidents in the Amazon. Villagers alleged that they were being attacked and injured by UFOs and even organised night vigils to protect themselves.

Twenty years after this event the Captain in charge of the operation, Uyrange Nogueira was interviewed by a UFO researcher and admitted to witnessing UFOs and being of the opinion aliens were involved. Three weeks later he was found dead, hung by his belt.

Now the ufologists are working on an arrangement with the Air force that gives them the right to permanently access and utilise the files for study as well as work together with the military to understand the UFO phenomena.

Rafael Cury, one of the heads of the CBU noted that ‘This represents a coming of age for Brazilian ufology’.

Indeed. With the Air force and government releasing its UFO files to a group of ufologist and conceding that they don’t really understand what the craft involved are and are happy to co-operate to gain an understanding , this event might be the closest any government has come to disclosure. Ufologists around the world will undoubtedly be filled with optimism by these developments.


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