Bulgarian Man Claims He Captured Photo Of Alien Being

A man is claiming to have accidently photographed a possible extraterrestrial in Bulgaria. The story has made headlines in the Eastern European nation. The man took a photo of a group of friends who were out for the night and it was only when he developed the picture that he noticed the rather scary looking creature hanging in a nearby tree.

Interestingly, local villagers are claiming that they have actually spotted the possible extraterrestrial lurking around the village and seen the odd UFO hovering in the skies above the area.

We expect many readers will take this report with a grain of salt. ‘Not convinced’ noted one Russian ufologist: ‘Would creatures capable of traversing through the vast distances of space come all the way to hang off a tree in some remote Bulgarian village looking like an abandoned party costume’.

NOTE: Yeah, I know.... Anyway, there has been an increase of credible UFO sightings in eastern Europe the past few years. Granted, this one is far-fetched but I'm just reporting it.


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