Ghost Hunter Investigates Popular Atlanta Diner

You can come to Chevy 27s diner and ice cream parlor in McDonough for one of the best burgers in metro Atlanta. But there is something else attracting a lot of attention at Chevy 27s that you won find on the menu.

Chevy27s diner has a reputation for oversized hamburgers and hand-dipped ice cream. And now it has a reputation for something else. It's a friendly spirit says Erica Daniell co-owner with her husband Neil of Chevy. Nobody seems to be afraid.

Neil and Erica Daniell say they and their staff have seen evidence of paranormal activity. Being in the kitchen and then you know the door opening all of a sudden Erica describes and nobody there to open it.

Neil Daniell has a degree in geo-chemistry. He deals in facts and proof and science. Having people say call your name Neil Daniell recalls and then you go to the kitchen and they go no we didn't call you you've got paranormal activity in your kitchen.

Who you gonna call the ghost hunter of McDonough. John Quinn has been hunting ghosts for forty four years. He believes there is a good reason why there is paranormal activity in Chevy 27s and McDonough square. My belief IS says Quinn is on the nineteen hundred train wreck here in McDonough.

More than thirty people died on that June night in nineteen hundred. Some believe their spirits still roam through the buildings on the square. Scott Evans is not one of them. We've never seen anything Evans says.

We've never heard stuff happening. You know doors close it's the wind. Lights turn on and off it 27s because of the way they re wired. John Quinn has made a preliminary check of Chevy27s kitchen.

He says his numbers were off the chart. He will make a full inspection on Sunday April 19th.

Whether or not we actually believe in paranormal activity, we have to admit that there might have been times in our lives when things happened that we just couldn't explain.

So perhaps the real value in doing a story like this is understanding the importance of keeping an open mind.


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