'Harold the Ghost' Was More Than These Ghost Hunters Expected

A group of ghost hunters claimed they got more than they bargained for during a spooky night at a historic Lancashire landmark.

Many people claim to have seen the specter of resident ghost Sarah Siddons at the Lancaster Grand Theater.

During an event organized by Preston hotel worker Lydia Jenkins, the Clitheroe Paranormal Investigators (CPI) claimed they had tuned in to the spirit of a man called Harold.

Lydia, who works as a food and beverage assistant at The Legacy Preston International Hotel, claimed: “A member of the group managed to contact one ghost, Harold.

“It made the room’s temperature drop by five degrees in the space of around seven minutes, in a room with about 22 people.

“Harold communicated with other members of CPI and told them that he was part of a traveling group of actors from the south and they were stopping at the Midland Hotel and the year was 1937.”

And Lydia reckons she had a paranormal encounter of her own while snapping photographs inside the 18th century theater.

She claimed: “I was taking pictures and moments before taking one, a seat moved down by itself.

“The seats were very heavy and not on springs like the others, so it couldn’t have moved by itself and we checked it many times.

Lydia also said images of mysterious orbs can be seen in the photos she had taken inside the building.


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