Michigan Tech Has It's Own Paranormal Group

Over the past year, the Michigan Tech student organization HAPI (Houghton Alliance of Paranormal Investigators) has been quite busy doing paranormal investigations and research. You may have seen people wearing their black uniform shirts with the ghost logo on them. You might have also seen them at some of the student organization fairs. So what is HAPI, and what exactly have they been up to lately?

HAPI is a student organization at Michigan Tech that was started in the summer of 2007. They have been doing investigations all over the UP, including digging into local landmarks and the famous Paulding Light. HAPI is open to all Tech students and faculty/staff. They use scientific equipment and reasoning to try to debunk paranormal activity claims. It is only when the evidence collected can’t be explained by science that the organization accepts it as paranormal and completes follow-up research.

In the past year, the team has had a number of investigations in the Keweenaw area. They were called in to investigate the old Portage Hospital, which is now a building on Finlandia’s campus. This investigation took the team to the top three floors, which still were full of old hospital equipment, including the old operating rooms and the intensive care unit. After spending the night there, HAPI did recover some odd voice recordings that they are looking into further.

HAPI also made a house call to a private residence in Calumet where many odd things were happening to a family there. HAPI went in and was able to come up with scientific reasoning for these occurrences ranging from moving shadows on the walls of a bedroom (which were explained by a reflection of passing cars outside bouncing through a cracked window) and claims of having clothing tugged on in the attic (which was due to the many nails that had penetrated the shingles, pushing through into the attic).

The most recent investigation took the team to one of the buildings owned by the Laurium Manor Inn. The night’s data is still under review.

With these investigations completed and a few more on the horizon, HAPI will surely stay busy in the Keweenaw over the summer.

With investigator numbers limited over the summer, HAPI welcomes new members to contact them about joining HAPI and all that it entails. Visit their Web site at www.houghtonparanormal.org.


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