MUFON: Investigation of Pasadena, Maryland Triangle UFO

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Field Investigator Norm Gagnon followed up on an April 16, 2009, report filed with MUFON concerning a slow moving, triangular-shaped UFO with a 300-foot wingspan seen in the early morning hours over Pasadena, MD.

The following is Gagnon's report as lead investigator on this case.

Interview - sequence of events

April 16th, 2009, approximately 3:15 a.m., Witness 1 was awakened by loud humming and she then woke up Witness 2 to have him check out where this strange sound was coming from.

Witness 2 walked from bedroom to bedroom to look through the windows to see what was causing this humming, thinking to himself that it may be a street cleaner sweeping the area roads or some sort of utility truck working on something. He returned to the master bedroom to look through the window that was next to Witness 1 and he noticed a very large triangular craft hovering above.

The craft was totally black with no lights, and from his point of view, had a boomerang shape resembling a very large “stretched out” F117 Nighthawk with about 300 feet wingspan.

The UFO was hovering slowly heading towards SE and took about 17 minutes to pass over their house and to fade at a distance. Witness 2 said that the humming was very loud, constant and sounded like an electrical transformer.

That following Saturday, Witness 2 mentioned to one of his neighbors about the strange incident that occurred early Thursday morning. He said the neighbor did state that he heard the humming and was reluctant to continue the conversation.

More investigation

Gagnon called the County Department of Public Works, northern district, asking if the streets local to the sighting had been swept that night or early the next morning - specifically at 3 a.m. on April 16. The office responded, reporting, “We definitely would not sweep or clean during those hours.” Two nearby stores that operate 24 hours-a-day reported that nothing unusual was heard or observed.

Area military bases and airports from Pasadena include, Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), 8 miles NW; Fort Meade, 9 miles W/SW; Patuxent Naval Air Systems Command, 50 miles South; and Dover Air Force Base, DE, 95 miles East.

The temperature at that hour was 39 degrees, visibility was 9 miles, wind speed was 3.5 mph out of the WNW, and weather conditions were mostly cloudy.


The witness was perplexed and a bit shaken by this incident, and wondered if this was a US military aircraft, why would they built such a thing. He also stated that most of the home occupants who reside on his street are either with the military, law enforcement agencies or working as government contractors. I found the witness to be very credible, logical and he really isn’t into the whole sci-fi scene or the UFO phenomena.

A similar case involving a black triangular craft sans lights was witnessed five years ago in Owings Mills, Maryland, about 20 miles NNW from Pasadena, MD. February 9, 2005, a Frank Griffin, a Lockheed Martin software engineer, witnessed a low altitude triangle, about 500 to 800 feet above ground with no lights.

Original report

Following is the original, unedited report filed with MUFON.

I was dead asleep @ 3am ish on April 16th 2009 my finacee woke me up to hear what I thought at first was a street sweeper. I told her to go back to bed but she insisted I get up and look out side. I admit at first I was sure it was a street sweeper a couple streets over it was a very dull humming like a electrical transformer.

I looked out the window on my side of the bed...nothing I walked to the front room facing our street nothing. The sound kept a stationary volume. I told her it had to be a street sweeper. So I walked over to her side of the bed and looked out the window for sure I would see some sort of sweeper or utility truck a street or two over between the houses..nothing and the sound yet stayed staionary at what seemed to be just over our house to the wood line.

That area of the sky is pretty dark but kinda against the sky which was slightly cloudy I could make out this very seemingly large shadow or just black diamond boomarang shape looking thing drifting over the tree line and the humming..I can't get over the visiable lights nothing just blackness and a ever constant humming I didn't want to alarm my fiancee so I told her nothing was there it must have been a sweeper a couple of streets over. I dont know how to take this.

We live around a lot of military type bases in Maryland so that was my first though but I never have seen or in-countered a sound like that.I don't know...Im puzzled Im not sure if this has anything to do with this but I felt a little wierd after that and seen my Dr. the next day with pains in my back and chest. I wasn't feeling the best before but the next day I felt very strange never the less maybe it's nothing.


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