Paranormal Researchers to Probe Montour County Pa. Courthouse

Ghost hunters may converge on the Montour County Courthouse.

The county commissioners allowed the Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association checking out the Mill Street building, as long as it was at no extra cost to the county.

The board was worried the county may end up paying overtime for the visit. They approved the request by the statewide organization during their meeting Tuesday. But the approval was contingent on the approval of Sheriff Ray Gerrnger, who needed to have officers on duty for security reasons.

Commissioners Chairman Trevor Finn said the paranormal group usually does its investigations Saturday evenings. The group has waivers for liability and insurance.

“If you talk to secretaries who work evening hours they can verify there are spooks in the courthouse,” Commissioner Jerry Ward said.

Ward said he had no problem with the group investigation “if it didn’t cost us anything.”

“We are not necessarily saying we believe in spooks, ghosts and goblins,” Finn said.

Jean Knouse, who was attending the meeting on another matter, said the paranormal visit could possibly be incorporated in Iron Heritage Festival events.


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