Public Expresses Rage Over Photo Radar Cameras

The killing of a photo radar worker reveals drivers’ rage about photo radar cameras.

One man said the victim “got what he deserved.”

Moments after Doug Georgianni was gunned down inside his photo radar van in Phoenix, a CBS 5 News photographer captured disturbing comments about the Redflex worker’s death.

“I said, he got what he deserved,” the man said.

The photographer said, “So death is what you deserve, man? Somebody got killed.”

“It was a photo radar guy. Does anyone care? Does anybody care about the son of a b----?” the driver replied.

Other drivers expressed anger. On the anti-photo-radar Web site, several drivers blamed state workers for Georgianni’s murder.

Here are just a few of their comments:

Joe wrote,

"Arizona created this monster. No they didn't pull the trigger, but they put these cameras up when people are already hurting financially."

jgunn wrote,

“A big middle finger to DPS and Redf-- for trying to profit off laws and angering the public enough that this crap is happening.”

Pete B wrote,

“DPS Director Roger Vanderpool: This man's blood is on your hands.”

During a news conference Monday, DPS Director Roger Vanderpool said Doug Georgianni was just doing his job when he was killed.

Vanderpool said the only person to blame for Georgianni’s death is the person who pulled the trigger.

"It's unconscionable to think that ... the controversy with photo enforcement would rise to this level,” Vanderpool said. "Whether you agree or disagree with photo enforcement, what happened last night, folks, was an act of cold blooded murder,”

Drivers have also criticized the video the cameras record.

Vanderpool said, in Georgianni’s case, Big Brother may have helped catch a killer.
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