Reader Mail: Cryptid / Ghostly Cats and Grandfather's Pipe Smoke

I live in Deming, NM and my house is on Monte Vista RD South West, which is just outside of town. We have experienced a lot of paranormal encounters. I had an apparition in my room one night. It had taken on the solid form of a cat. It was medium haired cat with bright, blue gray that glowed like a regular cat`s eyes would in the dark with a pure, pitch black body. The "cat" walked through my doorway and kept on a straight path in front of my bed. It stopped about two feet away from me, sat down, and looked at me.

It stayed there for about a minute, then continued walking toward my window. I soon figured out that it was an apparition when it walked through my wall under the window sill, and disappeared. I got up after I recovered from the shock and walked over to the point of entry. I examined around window then started to look for my two cats. They had slept through the encounter across the hall on my parent's bed.


In December of 2007 while slowly driving on our hunting lease in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana, around 4:15-4:30pm, I encountered a big black cat when I came to a corner in the road. I surprised him because I was driving slowly and quietly. It was in the middle of the road to my left and loped very fluidly down the middle of the road for about 100 yards down the hill, crossed a little creek and entered the woods to the right. It took a few seconds do this and I got a good look at him, I estimate his size to at least 100-120lbs. It was a big dark-colored cat, almost completely black but as he ran I could see in the light there were dark brown tips to his hair. His tail was thicker at the base than the end, his legs were shorter than I would have thought for the 5-6ft length of his body and were well muscled and thick and looked very powerful.

Michael G. Baggett
Trout, Louisiana

I was always close with my grandparents. When my mom and dad divorced, I stayed with my them for several years. My grandfather worked as a private contractor for Bell Labs and retired late in life. He worked on America's first radar system. He was a firm believer in UFOs and told me that radar picked them up all the time.

My grandfather's health started to slip in late 1973, several years after he retired. I lived in the Chicago area and met my wife about the same time. We decided to get married in April 1974. Late in 1973 my grandfather had a heart attack and was never the same.

The doctors advised against him flying from New Jersey to Chicago for our wedding, but he did anyway. My grandfather was a big pipe smoker and preferred a private blend only available in a New Jersey tobacco shop. I loved the smell and as a small boy, I would sit on his lap and watch the swirls of sweet smelling smoke travel through the air. I will always remember that smell.

Soon after our wedding, my grandfather passed away. It was about a year after his death that I became a believer in the afterlife. I was sitting in the living room working on setting up a fish tank. My wife was in the kitchen washing dishes. All of a sudden a strong aroma of tobacco overtook the room. It was my grandfather's private blend, no doubt about it. I called my wife into the room and she smelled it as well. We looked all over. Inside, outside, and there was no explanation to the smell.

I know, without a doubt, that it was my grandfather. I think it was his way of letting me know that he was OK and life doesn't end with death. I swear that this story is true.

Dave Bruno


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