Strange Mix of Spirits at Old Upminster Pub

Vodka and whiskey are not the only spirits mixing things up at an old Upminster pub, after a paranormal team discovered spooky goings-on during an investigation last Tuesday night.

Five ghost hunters from The East London Paranormal Research Society spent five hours monitoring rooms at the Masons Arms, in St Mary's Lane, using specialist video and audio recording equipment and found what they believe is a hive of spiritual activity.

The team - which is based in Bretons Manor, Rainham - served up a cold pint of jitter for barmaid Emma Knight, from Upminster, who was filmed being followed around the pub cellar by a strange ball of light.

Emma, 18, said: "I never really believed in this sort of thing before, but now I'm in two minds.

"They said I'm being protected by a guardian angel called Penny, possibly because my dad and granddad were in the Masons, and the pub's got the Masonic connection."

The team also claims to have made contact with a woman who was hanged as a witch in the 16th century, as well as the spirit of a mischievous little boy - responsible for things staff say go missing behind the bar.

For unfortunate landlady Katie Reah - who lives in the pub - there are things going bump in the night and they are keeping her awake.

She said: "Most of the activity was in my bedroom, so I haven't really slept properly since.

"Apparently there's the spirit of a little girl who doesn't like men. Every time a man goes into my room they complain of having a back problem."

Katie, who says she had a butter knife hurled at her from an empty kitchen in the past, added: "The team said they'd seen a lot of things before, but this was one of best for sheer concentrated energy."

Karon Williams, group founder, said: "There was a lot of activity including voices we picked up on recordings afterwards. We are keen to do a longer and more through investigation.
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