Three Recent UFO Reports - Northern Territory, Australia

A territory mother has backed up claims unidentified flying objects have returned to the Top End after she photographed two "discs of light" in the sky.

The mother-of-three, who wished only to be known by her first name Kym, took the photo as she watched the dark rain clouds roll towards her Palmerston home last month.

Kym said the image was taken on her mobile phone and that she didn't notice the strange lights in the clouds until she downloaded her pictures on to her computer.

She took many photos and even some video footage on her phone but said the UFOs only appeared in the one shot.

"It's hard to tell what it is - it's very strange," she said.

"There was some lightning at the time but the shape of these lights is different."

"If it was streaks you'd think it was lightning but these are circles.

"I thought it could be a street light reflection in the screen of the mobile I took the photo with but the street lights aren't on."

Her story follows that of Territorian Alan Ferguson, who told in the Northern Territory News this month how unidentified flying objects had returned to the skies above his Acacia Hill home.

More Territory UFO pictures

Mr Ferguson put the rural suburb, 50km south of Darwin, on the international map last year when he first photographed UFOs flying around his home.

He said he quickly grabbed his camera on seeing a bright silver flickering object in front of a cloud last month.

The skywatcher said the UFOs seemed to appear when it was hot.

"Those aliens - they must have some pretty good air conditioning in those things, hey," he said.

Kym said she had never had any previous encounters with UFOs.

"I've never really thought about them or had a view on them," she said.

"But my motto is never say never - anything's possible."

I noticed that a few people were getting excited about the Holland pic! You can never keep the world happy, hey, especially in this game! I am sending that 3 pronged object to you like the Holland pic. This is not too aerodynamic, you would think compared to the usual shape of them!

There has been an increase in activity the last month, as air force exercises have started so that seems to attract them! I have seen 2 ufos in the past month, and someone captured them on camera and it's in todays NT News! (article above)

The Northern Territory is a UFO Hotspot as they are visiting here more frequently, or, are we getting smarter at taking pics of them? I have seen them for 5 years, so something must be happening.

Hey BJ, my little UFO site for the Northern Territory is now online! It would be much appreciated if you could give it a plug as it needs a kick start into the world, thanks

Perth, Western Australia, Australia - 21st April 09, 1:26 am.

Typical saucer shape, not sure about the size, dark in colour.

No other witnesses known - No sound at all - Clear night

It was about 1:26 am when while sitting at my computer in my bedroom, I heard a noise from outside, I moved from my computer to the window and noticed 4 lights in the sky and a silhouette typical saucer shape surrounding, between the four lights there were 3 flashing red lights, the craft was flying above.

It was a clear night and from my bedroom on the second story I watched the craft hover about on the spot, after watching for about half a minute, I went back to my door to check if my brother was awake to get him to come and look so I would know I wasn’t going crazy.

I then went back to the window, the craft was slowly disappearing, and I could only see half the craft. I sat down at the computer again and quickly told a friend on msn messenger. He asked if it was still there, so I checked and saw nothing.

I told him what happened and then told a friend who lives close by and she said she wasn’t looking at the time. After a while trying to take my mind up of the event, I drew a picture of what I saw in paint, and then I put on a movie and went to sleep. I had a dream about aliens, but now I cannot recall what happened in the dream.

I know this craft wasn’t a plane because all planes that come near my house come from east to wes,t and this craft was not in the normal path of the planes in my area.

The craft seemed to be around a large shopping centre (mall) but I'm not completely sure, the craft seemed to be moving slower than a plane as well.


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