Video Capture: Triangle Shaped UFO Before Aquila Earthquake - Italy

Statement: On the evening of April 6th, a ferocious earthquake rocked Italy, causing devastation, chaos and a significant loss of life. The earthquake measured in as high as 6.3 on the Richter scale, rocking the Earth near the city of Laquila in the Abruzzio region, which is just east of Rome. At least ninety people fell victim to the natural disaster. One resident, Angela Palumbo, stated that she woke up hearing what sounded like a bomb. We managed to escape with things falling all around us.

Adding an element of shock to the dismay borne of the wreckage is a report of at least one well-lit, triangular UFO that was spotted over Rome on the day of, and also first in the hours immediately prior to the earthquake. A video recording was made by a witness to the UFO, a Mr. Antonio Urzi, who spotted one of the mysterious objects over Milan.

This isn't the first time that a startling UFO sighting is made at the exact time as, or around the same time as, a natural disaster in its exact or near vicinity. Have a look at the video here to see the familiar, triangular shape of the UFO an object thats becoming more a part of everyday realities with every tick of the clock.

NOTE: the presence of UFOs before earthquakes and volcano eruptions has been documented. These particular UFOs were reported in various locations in Italy not long before the earthquake took place. Historically, reports of so-called 'earth lights' have been made prior and during earthquakes....maybe there is a connection. Lon


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