Colombia: Satanic Ceremony Results In Shocking Image

Three teenage girls from a Tolima town saw a ghost standing behind them in a photo taken after having played improvised satanic rituals, local media reported Wednesday.

The incident happened last week in the town of Purificacion when the girls, between 15 and 17 years old, decided to dress up as witches and to try satanic rituals and spells - just for fun.

One of the teenagers asked her younger brother to take a photo of the girls to remember the evening. They had the shock of their lives when they discovered the clear image of a man standing behind them.

Seeing the alleged ghost, the girls started to scream and panic and one of them even suffered a nervous breakdown.

The three friends swear that they were only playing around and did not use a ouija board to invoke spirits, which is a more common reason for panic among teenage girls in Colombia and especially in the Tolima department.

Here is another report:

Six girls between ten and fourteen years old were admitted to a local hospital in the Tolima department after having played with a ouija board.

The girls, all from the village of Buenavista, were taken to the Rafael Gutierrez hospital in San Juan del Valle after having played the Parker Brothers board game that is used to summon spirits, but according to some can summon demons.

Hospital psychologist Maritza Guzmán told Caracol Radio Saturday that, even though the girls were free of physical symptoms, tests had proven the girls were suffering psychological disorders when being admitted.

All girls were sent home after being examined, but continue to be under supervision of the hospital's psychology staff.

The families of the ouija-playing girls asked the local priest to conduct a serious of prayers for the girls.

Wiltshire's Latest Crop Circle

This spectacular crop circle appeared ay Windmill Hill, near Devizes, last week.

The 350ft ying and yang design has already attracted a stream of sightseers as the Wiltshire crop circle season gets under way.

Visitors from all over the world, particularly America, flock to the area to see the circles.

One local fan is new Wiltshire resident Robbie Williams who is aid to have chosen to live at Compton Bassett, near Calne, to be closer to them.

Here is another account about this fantastic crop circle:

The formation, measuring approximately 350ft (100 metres), seems to depict a Yin Yang pattern and appeared on May 25 beneath Windmill Hill, near Devizes.

It was captured on camera at an area close to the great man-made mound of Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.

As many other crop circles previously spotted in the area, it seems to follow the Yin and Yang theme.

The green and then golden fields of the world's crop circle capital of Wiltshire have spawned an array of patterns in the past that have fascinated those who seek them out.

Enthusiasts and experienced crop pattern hunters have often spotted formations appearing close to these sacred sites.

The crop circle season extends from April to harvesting in September, and is believed to be worth millions of pounds to the local economy.

Windmill Hill is thought to date to the Early Neolithic period some 5000 years ago, 3700 BC and was constructed as a causeway enclosure. It is the largest known of its kind measuring 21 acres (8.5ha).

It consists of three rings of concentric ditches, which were probably dug out in the same manner as the deep Avebury ditch, using antlers and oxen shoulder blades.

It was a major task taking many man-hours over many years.

It is thought that the camp was at its most important as a farming community during a relatively peaceful and prosperous time of approximately 3000- 3500 years until the advent of the Romans when their presence is evidenced by traces of a villa found on the western slopes of the mound.

Revealing Ghostly Secrets at the Union County, NJ Courthouse

Seth Laderman won't say whether the ghost of Hannah Caldwell is finally ready for her close up.

But he is predicting fans of Ghost Hunters, the popular cable television series on the Sci-Fi channel, will not be disappointed when they tune in this summer to see what the crew found when they visited the Union County Courthouse. "They can expect a pretty cool investigation," said Laderman, a co-producer of the Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters.

In fact, the crew, which travels the country investigating reported paranormal activity, was so pleased with what they encountered at the Elizabeth courthouse this spring that when the series returns for its sixth season in July, the courthouse piece is expected to air as either the first or second episode in the 25-show season, Laderman said.

The historic courthouse with its wide marble staircases, and the adjoining cemetery at the First Presbyterian Church, with all its Revolutionary War-era gravestones, provided backdrops worthy of any movie set. But the investigators from Ghost Hunters also couldn't resist the opportunity to investigate reports that Caldwell's ghost haunted the historic courthouse.

Hannah Caldwell was buried in the church cemetery next to her husband, the Rev. James Caldwell, a strident revolutionary known as the Fighting Parson. But the circumstances of her death more than two centuries ago remains the subject of historical dispute. By some accounts, she was mistaken for a sniper by a British redcoat, while other reports say the killing was retaliation for her husband's activities.

Some historians have even suggested it could have just been a stray shot from either side. Regardless, her death was used to rally the area's farmers, who until that point, had remained fairly ambivalent about the revolution.

Retired Star-Ledger reporter Robert E. Misseck, who covered the Union County Courthouse, remembers writing his first stories about the Caldwell ghost in the 1970s.

"It was three or four weeks before Halloween, when one of the custodians in the courthouse comes into the press office and tells me he saw a ghost--a woman standing in the elevator with him, all dressed in white," Misseck said.

Soon after the story ran, a psychic paid a visit to the courthouse. She was "getting the vibe" that Caldwell was not pleased with the way her murder was depicted on the official Union County seal, Misseck said.

Laderman said the Ghost Hunters enjoy investigating public buildings, in part because there's usually far more history involved and more people who have had experiences there.

The crew brings a host of electronic equipment, from EMF detectors, which record the presence of electro magnetic fields, to special recorders that pick up sounds inaudible to the human ear. They will also come with nightvision cameras equipped to film in the dark, along with cameras equipped with thermal sensors.

"We try to bring as much science into this as we can," Laderman said.

Grant Wilson, one of the co-founders of the show, said that when the crew investigates paranormal incidents, they consider it as much a success when they debunk a story as when they find evidence supporting the presence of unexplainable forces.

"We're not in the business of convincing people," he said, noting that the team had "a great time investigating" the county courthouse area.

Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, whose office is in charge of courthouse security, not only observed some of the filming, but also provided the crew with some of the history to the courthouse and its alleged other worldly inhabitants--yes--there have been reports of other spectral beings.

Froehlich got to sit down with the show's hosts for the segment, called the "reveal," where they share their findings.

While he promised not to repeat what was said before the show airs, the sheriff did say the experience has left him sitting on the fence when it comes to matters dealing with the paranormal.

"I'm not a believer, but I'm not a disbeliever," Froehlich said. "I think there are things we don't understand."

Flight 2012

This is a true story that has recently become a movie script available for hire. For the first time we get introduced to the real thing. - Vivian Harper

In 1967 our UFO club in Vancouver BC was hosting a speaker from California. The day before she was to do her lecture she was on ‘talk radio’. “Bob” heard her and phoned the station. A meeting was set up in our house because dad had a brand new reel to reel audio tape recorder.

Poor old Bob. He said he was dying of cancer and just had to get this story off his chest.

He tells us he was a watchman for a gold mine in the Yukon that was closed for the winter. He had no electricity. He was isolated except for his dog. On this day he was baking bread and roasting a chunk of beef in his wood stove. The date he gives us is the 14th of February 1950. At -52’F it is so cold, if you opened the door the cold air would come rolling onto the floor like a cloud of CO2.

And this is the way it happened that day. All of a sudden, standing before him, in the mist, were three not so human beings. They scared the pants off Bob.

He spoke to them, they just stared at him not speaking not moving. Looking very sinister, they then looked around the room. Bob tried to ease the situation with some light chatter. He began to think they were Russians. At the time we were hearing a lot about the Russians. The cold war started later that year. He spoke a few Russian words to them and there was no response. Bob is trembling by now but offers them some fresh baked bread. Now what human could refuse fresh baked bread I ask you? I can imagine the aroma coming from that little cabin in the middle of nowhere in the blowing snow and sub zero temperatures. But no they were not there for the cuisine. Bob tried to motion to them “Close the door”. That’s when Bob hears them speak to each other in clicks and clacks and some guttural sounds. His confusion became terror when they tore off their hoods and Bob shone the kerosene lamp into their faces. Humanoids for sure but not quite. Still Bob is not sure what he had here. The humanoids looked troubled Bob said. He does not know how troubled they really are. If he knew the extent to their troubles he may have hid under a rock. In the poor light he notices their bald heads are kind of a green color. He told us that if you saw these beings from 30 feet you would not notice them to be different. But up close they were quite different. Their jaw joint was put together differently. Their hands were small like a child’s and their arms are very short. Bob tells the story of how he finally realized who and what they were. He reached for a knife to cut himself a piece of bread and one of them grabbed his arm so hard he nearly fainted from the pain. “Oh my.” He recalls, “I knew he could kill me in a second.” The pain continued with him in the corner, moaning and groaning. Just then one of them came over and motioned to Bob to place his finger in this small depression looking device. At first he was too afraid to do anything but decided anything was better than the pain he was feeling. Once he did he felt a complete and utter pleasant feeling go through his body and the pain disappeared. He says it was then that he realized that they were not from Saskatchewan.

Their clothes smelled badly of burned metal. The next 3 ½ days Bob watches as they bring in boxes of “stuff” he does not recognize.

“Looks like some machinery and instruments.” he says. They used a screen that answers to our description of a laptop computer, on his kitchen table to examine and take apart the equipment. All of it smells like burned metal. He thinks that they have crashed themselves and are working on their own craft using screwdrivers. Did he not know that alien crafts were not made of nuts and bolts?

Actually Bob was a witness to the aftermath of a more sinister story. One that starts on earth.

Early on February 14th 1950, a B36 bomber left Fairbanks, Alaska doing what the US Air Force described as a simulated combat mission. It was a war readiness test for the B 36 and it’s crew. This meant that it was supposed to be an actual test carrying the actual nuclear core to be put in the actual Fat Boy bomb once in the air. This duty was given to Captain Ted Schreier who was the acting Weaponeer. There were 17 members to this crew. Captain Harold Berry at the controls and Co-pilot Ray Whitfield.

The pertinent rule in this story is the no fly zone over Canada. Their route was from Fairbanks to Great Falls Montana with an attack approach in San Francisco and ending in Fort Worth Texas. Following the coast they were about 7 hours in the air when out of no where there was absolute panic aboard flight 075. They radioed the Alaskan tower.

“May Day...! May Day…! Loosing air speed” Captain Berry bellowed into the mouthpiece.

The plane shudders. Someone in the background yells, “We have engine 1, 2, 5 in flames. “ They are at 8000 feet. They know they are going down and so does the tower at Fairbanks. The main concern now is to get rid of the bomb. But the bombay doors are stuck and the plutonium has been inserted. It is Captain Schreier job to dismantle the plutonium core. It is not clear if he managed to do this however.

The story is they turn west to drop the bomb and turn east again to enable the crew to parachute out over Princess Royal Island off the coast of BC. Can you imagine the courage it would take to jump out of an airplane in the middle of the night in Northern BC in February? Five men did not make it.

Except a strange thing happen about then. The plane did a 180’ turn around, back to Alaska.

At this point we do not have enough evidence to say exactly what happened after that but circumstances do tell us a lot.

Captain Schreier, the weaponeer, was never found and his parachute was found 54 years later at the crash site meaning that he never used it. We believe he was trying to fly the weapon and the B 36 and the plutonium back to Alaska. The fear was that it would get into the hands of the weapon hungry Russians. If he wasn’t protecting the contents on the flight what was he doing risking his life for nothing more than an old B 36.

The plane lays crashed in the blowing snow with no hope of rescue. America’s first ‘Broken Arrow’.

Did the three aliens steal something from the plane? And did they take it to Bob’s cabin?

The real interesting story is the relationship Bob had with the aliens. The day after Bob hears one of them say a few familiar English words.
“Stay” …”you stay” he says.

“OK” Bob says astonished.

It is clear from the start that Chris had a job to do and Bob was in the way and a nuisance. Time after time Bob would ask questions. If he had an answer at all it was only a word or two.

“Where do you come from?” What is your name? “Cliss” is the response.

Bob chose to call him Chris. A name he understood.
“Do you have women aboard?”

“No women” with no explanation.

But added that they came from a place very far away. So far away in fact, Chris has never been there himself. His grandfather had set out on a scientific mission. Since then there was Chris’ father and then himself.

Bob couldn’t figure out how to ask but wanted to know how did Chris come into being if there were no women? He let the question pass.

Bob wanted to know how many years it would take to go home. This opened up a can of worms for Bob.

“No time” Chris said.

“From here to here”. Chris motioned with his hands.

I can understand that, but Bob had never thought about time as being anything except linear.

Later, watching from across the room he is observing their antics as closely as possible.

And they don’t look happy. They are engrossed in their work.

Bob went to go outside and feed the dog. He should have known better for all of a sudden all three of them were down his throat so to speak. Chattering up a storm and physically blocking the doorway.

Chris calmed them down. And told Bob under no circumstance should Bob try to leave the cabin.

It was this moment when Bob realized that Chris was the boss and that he was a prisoner.

The one he called Red because when he got mad his face and neck went beet red. He was the scariest one and would have no trouble killing Bob if need be.

Red is an interesting character though. He is the only one to get angry but the first to laugh a bit. He was banging on the table trying to tell Bob to stay in doors when a pot fell off the wall with a loud bang. The silence afterward was deafening until Red and Bob both began to laugh. For Bob it was a nervous relief.
Red wore contact lenses. It gave him a bug-eyed look.

The third character, Burnie, was a “gofer.” Go for this and go for that. He was out doors so much Bob said the bit of skin around where a missing ear was burned off was so cold it was blue. Bob hunted up a pair of old earmuffs for him.

At dinner Bob offered them food but they had their own. A liquid mixed with a powder and stirred and eaten with a small paddle. The cup was 2 inches wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If the top was twisted it would warm up.

I hope Bob felt better after the heavy load was off his shoulders. He died soon after our visit.

There is a message in his story that is important today. Our beautiful blue jeweled planet is in danger.

But more than that, our galaxy experiences a trickle down effect caused by any nuclear explosion.

“Earth will not be allowed to do this again”. said Chris.

Chris also said he would be back, bringing his troops with him.

Something about a convergence in 2012 AD.

How about that?

NOTE: Vivian Harper can be contacted at I thank her for allowing me to present this account...Lon


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Limpando o Salão

---- Meu Deus do Santo Céu! Como o povo desse mundo é porco! Esqueci de comentar na postagem referente a Porto Alegre algo que chamou, e muito, minha atenção. Como a postagem pode parecer um pouco nojenta, se você não quer ler, passe para a próxima. Avisados, vamos ao que interessa!
---- Como o povo gosta de “limpar o salão” em publico!? Eu olhava para um lado, lá estava alguém fazendo aquela geral no salão. Tentava ver algo diferente durante o caminho, lá estava alguém novamente retirando as cacas quase encravadas no cérebro, praticamente escavando mesmo. Mas aquilo era muito nojento². Sabemos que precisamos fazer algumas limpezas, mas banheiro existe para quê? Não pense você que estou falando de crianças limpando suas cacas, mas sim adultos não importando o sexo. Veja aí o Brad Pitt, o sonho de consumo de muitas mulheres, limpando o salão também, o que prova que todos fazem isso, porém em locais nada apropriados.

---- Todos nós sabemos que higiene nunca é de mais, porém a mesma tem lugar certo para isso ocorrer. Os banheiros estão aí para o quê? É claro que existem casos extremos, mas os lenços estão aí para o quê? Quer limpar, limpe, mas no local ideal. Ah, e dentro do carro definitivamente não é um deles!!!

Alfinetada: Offspring X Guns'n'Roses

---- No último quadro "Alfinetada", que tal pegar os desafetos do rock'n'roll? Pois então, que tal falar também do eterno adiamento do Chinese Democracy, o álbum da banda Guns'n'Roses que demorou mais de 10 anos para ser lançado. Várias bandas, mas várias mesmo, alfinetaram o Guns por causa dessa demora para lá de sem noção. Axl Rose, o mala em pessoa, alegava que o adiamento se dava em função das várias trocas de formação que a banda enfrentava. Segundo as línguas venenosas, ninguém queria trabalhar com o egocêntrico líder da banda formada por um.
---- A banda Offspring foi uma banda que alfinetou o Guns devido ao atraso do lançamento desse álbum. Em 2003 eles planejavam lançar um álbum com o nome de "Chinese Democrazy", porém acabaram lançando o álbum com o nome "Splinter", álbum esse bem bacana.
---- Aqui no blog você pode assistir e decidir qual banda você prefere. De um lado do ring nós temos Guns e do outro Offspring. Assista aí os clipes e opine se quser!

The Ghost Hunter's Dilemma

Anyone who considers herself a paranormal investigator–that is, anyone committed enough to spend the entire night in cold, dark and often disturbing buildings/ships/homes/hospitals, knows one fact above all else: whatever we find, or whatever finds us, is frustratingly vague. We catch snippets of voices on digital recorders, but we often do not hear the same words; we find anomalies in photographs, but someone usually offers a natural explanation; we see spikes or sharp drops in temperature, or watch the EMF meter light up like a Christmas tree, but we really don’t know what it means.

Interpretation of such oddities is often treacherous, since elusive or inconsistent findings create opportunities for self-delusion; even though I try my utmost to maintain a professional and scientific approach, there are times when I have defended a piece of “evidence” far beyond what it deserved. At one point, my pride and joy as a ghost hunter was a picture of a menacing face in a window at the Olivas Adobe. I sent that picture everywhere, showing it to as many people as possible. Almost everyone was impressed by photo, convinced that I had indeed captured something amazing, something out of this world. It wasn’t until several weeks later that Ty saw something I had not: the face was actually my own hand, contorted in such a way as to mimic the features of an angry specter. As soon as he pointed this out to me, my entire perception of reality shifted. I had no longer captured an incredible piece of evidence; I had, instead, taken a cool picture of my own hand. Such an elegant metaphor for the self-involvement of a deluded investigator. However, in my defense, I learned a great deal from that incident. My interpretation, no matter how convinced I am that what I have recorded is paranormal, is still simply my personal impression, my own experience. This is why a team of investigators is essential to finding anything approximating the truth: someone will tell you, gently, that your ghost is simply your own reflection.

We all have stories about the amazing evidence for the paranormal that turns out to be nothing more than a hand or a moth. And yet, there are those moments where the entire team is collectively in awe of a shared experience with no known normal cause. There are those snippets of audio that leave us all speechless: the inhuman voice at the Glen Tavern Inn, the photo of the transparent man at Alcatraz, the responsive pipes at Camarillo, the collective feeling that we are being watched, the heavy footsteps in the bushes by the bridge at La Purisima . . . as a team, we’ve been utterly astounded at what we’ve experienced, at a loss for an explanation.

So what do those moments mean? Are we going to find an answer to the ultimate questions of life after death, the significance of ghosts and spirits, the identity of the watchers in the dark? Probably not. Assuredly not; for that is not the point, nor do I think we are meant to know with any certainty what is, to my mind, the greatest mystery of the universe: what is left of us after we have moved through death? Where do we go? What meaning does our existence possess for us, and those who loved us?

There is a quote from Allan J. Hamilton in the chapter “Soul Survivor” that states it perfectly:

“God could make it obvious, but at a terrible price.” . . . we must content ourselves with this oblique glimpse and trust that, for now, as much has been revealed as we can withstand, for our own good. We cannot grasp it. Or measure it. Or map it. But maybe it has to suffice for now.” (202)

A good ghost hunter doesn’t quite believe that “it” cannot be measured or mapped; we have too many tantalizing hints that appear to point in a certain direction. The adventure is too promising to abandon, even if the answers will always be partial, or inconclusive. The whispered voice that said my name at Camarillo might mean nothing at all; but then again, it could be telling me that I need to keep looking. We all do. And so we pack our paranormal kits and head out to the next mystery.

In the middle of the night, huddled over our digital recorders, surrounded by shadows, we know something is out there; although we can’t tell you what it is, it’s powerful and it’s strange.

We will find something close to the truth; and we will have the wisdom to know that it isn’t simply our own reflection. That is more than enough for now.

Source: Los Angeles Paranormal Association

Video: Diamond-Shaped UFO - Devon Cliffs, Exmouth, UK

NOTE: the video apparently shot by visitors at Devon Cliffs, Exmouth, UK. It appears to show a UFO flying over the sea and with a strange very bright light, sometimes very regular in shape...Lon

Voodoo Rituals Used to Create Sex Slaves in Spain

The women were recruited in Nigeria with false promises of legal employment and then illegally brought to Spain where they were forced to work as prostitutes, police said in a statement.

Police said the ring carried out "voodoo rituals and black magic to frighten the women and keep them always under control with the threat of 'destroying their souls" or 'making them crazy'."

All the money which the women earned was kept by the ring until they had paid off the debt they incurred to make the trip to Spain, which typically amounted to 50,000 euros (£44,000), police said.

Police carried out searches of 10 residences as part of their operation and seized material used in voodoo rituals, computer equipment as well as several passports and other documents.

They opened their investigation in February after receiving a complaint from a woman in the southeastern city of Seville who said she had been one of the ring's victims.

The women who were recruited by the ring in Nigeria were brought by bus and truck to Libya. From there they were taken to Italy by boat and brought overland to Spain.

Earlier this month in the Netherlands, the trial of 11 people accused of using voodoo curses to force up to 150 Nigerian girls into prostitution in Europe was adjourned until later this year.

Prosecutors alleged that between 140 and 150 Nigerian girls helped into the Netherlands as asylum seekers had disappeared from asylum centres in 2006 and 2007.

About a dozen of the girls were traced, while the rest were thought to have been forced into prostitution in Italy, Spain and France. Most were minors at the time, their ages ranging from 16 to 23.

Russian Man Kills 5 With Self-Made Electric Chair

A Russian man has killed at least 5 people with a self-made electric chair before being detained by police, the web-site reported on Friday.

The 30-year old killer was detained in the city of Yekaterinburg, in the Urals Region in central Russia. He has pleaded guilty to killing one man whom he lured into his garage by posting a classified ad on the Internet claiming he wanted to buy some computer parts. Then, the maniac tied up his victim and put him into the car, wrapping his body in electric wire connected to a powerful capacitor. After electrocuting the victim he took the body to the outskirts of the city and burned it in a fire made with old car tires.

Despite the fact that the murder was committed in the presence of a witness – one of the killer’s friends – the case was solved only after the police had found and managed to identify the badly burnt body. When the maniac was detained, he immediately pleaded guilty and told the investigators that he would admit all similar crimes if more bodies were found.

Investigators think that in 2008 and 2009 the maniac killed at least 5 people, since that many people had left their homes to sell computer parts and went missing since then.

Police found a small power plant installed in the garage and linked to a computer. The detained killer said that he had designed a device with which he planned to kill people who passed by in their cars – one part of the machine would remotely stop the car engine and the other part, resembling a door mat – would electrocute and kill the exiting driver.

While staying in the pre-trial detention center, the criminal said that he also planned to make a device that would erase people’s memory with an electro-magnetic ray.

Videos: UFO Mystery Continues in Knoxville, Iowa - UPDATED!

This is the original story from April 15, 2009:

The sun was out, but it was cold, too cold for Iowans, to willingly gather near a body of water unless, something unusual was about to happen.

But before we explain what's going on today a brief history lesson is in order. Over the winter, this farm pond south of Knoxville was the site of a UFO, an unidentified falling object, that appeared to have made a giant hole in the ice about 2 feet across.

The property owners, Denny and Terry Straube, enlisted the help of underwater photographers who took a picture of something. Then came the underwater video camera, the flashlights, and last month, the best evidence yet something was down there. And that was enough for the dive team from linn county to agree in writing to take a look.

Diving in Iowa water is always a challenge. The water clarity is so poor you wouldn't see a fish if it bit you on the nose. With cameras ready to capture the moment the mystery object was brought to the surface, anticipation building with onlookers guessing what it will be.

The divers started their search around a pole marking where the hole in the ice had been at first nothing. After twenty minutes of looking the divers were frustrated. So were the onlookers, but then, a wooden stake.

There was plenty of befuddlement to go around they even tried to probe again from the surface but no luck. Pond owner Denny Straube said, "It just makes me want to take my clothes off go down and find it but it's too cold, and I'm too old."

Whatever fell through the ice apparently melted, moved, or never existed in the first place leaving everyone feeling empty. Just like the pond.

NOTE: whatever the object was, it's obvious that it's gone. I've made inquiries to the local media this past week and was told that the incident is still fresh on the residents' minds but many feel there was some sort of cover up involved...namely, that the object was removed undercover by government officials...Lon


Here's an earlier account from January 2009:

An Iowa couple is looking for help trying to identify whatever fell from the sky and onto their land over the weekend.

It happened some time late Friday night or early Saturday just south of Knoxville.

Their only evidence is in an ice-covered pond.

"I enjoy living here. Every day it's something different," said Denny Straube.

Different used to be a fox or a ten point buck, but now different is really different.

"Whatever it was, it hit hard enough to throw water out of that hole in a big round circle," Denny said.

Saturday morning, Straube saw three holes in the ice on his pond -- the biggest some three feet across.

From his dining room that morning, Denny quickly noticed what else was different.

"There's no tracks in the snow, something airborne has his that pond," Denny said.

The impact left several 15 foot cracks running from the hole and about three inches of displaced water pooled on top of the ice.

Denny and Terry Straube have heard plenty of theories.

Even their grandson chimed in.

"He said maybe God's mad and throwing snowballs at us," Terry said.

There's also the neighbor's theory about the eccentric man who lived in the house before the Straubes.

He believed the house was targeted by extra-terrestrials.

"He went across here and started chipping this out. This was going to be his escape pod from aliens -- a hole he could go in and hide," Denny said as he pointed to a patched hole in the home's brick wall.

The man also had oak trees taken down in the front yard because he thought they were homing beacons for aliens.

"It was airborne, whatever it was," Denny said.

Whatever fell from the sky this weekend, it's under six feet of water.

"You know if things go to worse, if aliens come we may have to hide in there," Denny said, referring to the escape tunnel.

The Straubes are hoping someone volunteers to scuba dive in their pond this summer to discover what is at the bottom.

UPDATE: I received this update from Terry Straube this morning...Lon

Just wanted to give you an update. Marion County divers also went in the water and believe the object has sunken into the pond floor mud and silt. It could be 16 to 24 inches down in this mud. There were no reported re-entries into the atmosphere at that time. Not told was the pictures showed what appeared to be a roman numeral on the object, a round gear shaped part and possibly many smaller parts around surrounding it. There were also 2 smaller, almost perfectly round holes. Whatever it was heated the water up and turned the water a tropical blue color. Wind chills were 25 below zero that morning. Ice did not start forming around the edges of the smaller holes until around 4:30 that afternoon. An observer's foot went through the ice near the large hole the following Tuesday. Local fishermen reported the ice was 8 to 10 inches deep when these objects hit. Do we think the objects are still there? Yes, but we will always wonder what they are and where they came from. Do we like several of our neighbors think the government took them? Doubtful but possible. Do we think these objects originated from an alien culture? Hopefully not, it makes sleeping at night much easier! But we will always remember an engineer named Ron striking the larger object with a pole and the sound it made. It sounded like he was hitting metal, possibly iron and Ron plus all of us present knew it was there! I would have responded sooner but did not realize there were more articles about this than Channel 13's until I came across them by accident tonight. Terry Straube


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Haunted Psychiatric Hospital Restored to a Luxury Hotel

Within the next two weeks, a former Albuquerque hospital will begin the transformation into a hotel.

Eighty-three years ago, Memorial Hospital went up for people working for the railroad.

Then, it became a psychiatric hospital in the 1980s.

"It's been a real cultural icon, if you will, in the community," developer David Oberstein said.

But it now sits empty, only acting as a mysterious building at Interstate 25 and Central Avenue.

Soon, the cracked concrete outside and institutional feel inside will be restored to a high-end hotel.

"It's actually a perfect use for the building," Ray Smith, with Klinger Construction, said.

Smith helped with the last renovation of the building, and is doing it again this time.

He knows all the nooks and crannies, like the fact that a tunnel in the cafeteria closet leads to the boiler building on another part of the site.

"We're going to have to fill the chimney with concrete and rebar, so it won't fall over," Smith said.

But those who know the building are nervous about its past.

"I'm sure it's haunted," Smith said.

With decades spent filled with patients, every room must have a story, which could attract some to the hotel and deter others.

"Don't go on the second floor of the west wing by yourself," Smith said.

"Why is that?" Action 7 News reporter Leigh Checkstad asked.

"I can't explain, but I wouldn't if I were you," Smith said.

The 2.3-acre site will feature a massage room, outdoor hot tubs and a rooftop bar.

The Hotel Parc Central is expected to open in about a year.

NOTE: I found this older tidbit in reference to this hospital: "There is an abandoned insane asylum on the corner of Edith and Osuna Streets. The asylum is owned by the neighbors (actually, it's owned by a motorcycle gang) and are strict about trespassing. Those who have risked going into this asylum have witnessed a large black figure following them . This black figure has appeared in pictures as well. It is said that Dr. Samuel would kill and experiment on the patients and killed them after wards, placing the bodies in the basement. A few years later, Samuel hung himself . After the murders, the asylum was never the same and they were forced to close it down."

Lethal Rodent-Borne 'Lujo' Virus Mimics Ebola

Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa that causes bleeding like the dreaded Ebola virus. The so-called "Lujo" virus infected five people in Zambia and South Africa last fall. Four of them died, but a fifth survived, perhaps helped by a medicine recommended by the scientists.

It's not clear how the first person became infected, but the bug comes from a family of viruses found in rodents, said Dr. Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University epidemiologist involved in the discovery.

"This one is really, really aggressive" he said of the virus.

A paper on the virus by Lipkin and his collaborators was published online Thursday on in PLoS Pathogens.

The outbreak started in September, when a female travel agent who lives on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, became ill with a fever-like illness that quickly grew much worse.

She was airlifted to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she died.

A paramedic in Lusaka who treated her also became sick, was transported to Johannesburg and died. The three others infected were health care workers in Johannesburg.

Investigators believe the virus spread from person to person through contact with infected body fluids.

"It's not a kind of virus like the flu that can spread widely," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which helped fund the research.

The name given to the virus—"Lujo"—stems from Lusaka and Johannesburg, the cities where it was first identified.

Investigators in Africa thought the illness might be Ebola, because some of the patients had bleeding in the gums and around needle injection sites, said Stuart Nichol, chief of the molecular biology lab in the CDC's Special Pathogens Branch. Other symptoms include include fever, shock, coma and organ failure.

Genetic extracts of blood and liver from the victims were tested at Columbia University in New York, and additional testing was done at CDC in Atlanta. Tests determined it belonged to the arenavirus family, and that it is distantly related to Lassa fever, another disease found in Africa.

The drug ribavirin, which is given to Lassa victims, was given to the fifth Lujo virus patient—a Johannesburg nurse. It's not clear if the medicine made a difference or if she just had a milder case of the disease, but she fully recovered, Nichol said.

The research is a startling example of how quickly scientists can now identify new viruses, Fauci said. Using genetic sequencing techniques, the virus was identified in a matter of a few days—a process that used to take weeks or longer.

Along with Fauci's institute, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and Google also helped fund the research.

Alfinetada: Madonna X Hansons

---- Quem aí lembra da banda Hansons? Pois bem, e não é que eles alfinetaram muita gente também. Uma das várias cutucadas deles foram na Madonna. Segundo eles, a versão feita pela contora da música "American pie" ficou muito ruim. Infelizmente para eles, ela sempre se mantem nas rádios, porém eles...
---- Alguém aí sabe por onde os Hansons estão? Eu não, mas sei que os garotos são como coelhos, ou seja, já possuem alguns filhos. Já aqui no blog você decide se prefere eles ou a Rainha do Pop, a Madonna pegadora de jovens brasileiros.
---- Com vocês, os irmãos Hansons em "Save me".

---- Contra a Madonna e sua versão de "American pie".

---- Quem você prefere? Madonna ou Hansons? Comenta aí se quiser.

Haunted Building's Link to Denver's Old West Past

In a window above the entrance to the Blake Street Vault (1526 Blake St.), there's a little tableau: A mannequin dressed as an Old West party girl sits facing the street, a bottle of Jack Daniel's close at hand on the barrel next to her.

It's a tribute to Lydia, the ghost that's supposedly still hanging around in the bar nearly 150 years after it was built. The historic building has seen a lot since 1863, so it's not too hard to believe there might be something left over from Denver's dusty past.

The evidence is everywhere: In the basement, dark entrances lead to tunnels that long ago went under Blake Street, maybe to nearby brothels. The huge, ancient gears of the former freight elevator are still in one corner. During renovations, workers found century- old liquor bottles — one with bitters still inside — stashed all over the place.

So when bar manager Kyle Banks swears he's seen Lydia out of the corner of his eye, and the hair stands up on his arms just talking about it, skepticism starts to seem a little silly.

It's not that the bar is a cobweb-covered spookhouse. It's actually a warmly lit, clean, pleasant space, with '80s rock hits playing in the bar and Snoop Dogg chattering in the kitchen.

But unlike many joints in booze-friendly LoDo, the Blake Street Vault avoids slick, modern decor and themes in favor of an old-Denver feel: The bar tables are barrels, the ceilings are pressed tin, the floors are wood. They're reminders of a rougher, harder time in what's now Denver's party neighborhood.

"After looking at all the restaurants down here, it seemed like no one really emphasized the historical aspects of those buildings," says co-owner Tim Kilgannon. "We're a true saloon."

He says it took 19 months to renovate the building, which started as a saloon and boarding house and spent its most recent decades as a costume shop.

"It was just such a mess," he says. "The previous owner bought it in 1973 for $10,000. . . . It was a nightmare to get it all up to code."

It was during the renovation process that the building started to reveal its history. The old bottles showed up in nooks and crannies, the tunnels yawned and the building's vault was discovered in the basement, obscured by brick and accessible only by a trapdoor.

Kilgannon says workers and visitors occasionally got strange, unpleasant feelings in the center of the main bar, including improbable gusts of ice-cold wind.

Even Kilgannon, who's "not huge into the ghost stuff," had a spooky experience. While in the basement with a building inspector, he — and the inspector — heard the sound of a woman's high-heeled shoes clicking on the floor above them.

Except that the floor was still carpeted, and no one with high-heeled shoes was supposed to be in the building. Kilgannon ran upstairs and checked: Nobody there.

A group of ghost-hunters sniffed out the building, and the legend of Lydia was born. The investigators said the ghost that was knocking over glasses, appearing in the bar and generally freaking people out was the apparition of a saloon girl from the building's early days named Lydia.

In the spirit of friendship, the colorful salute to Lydia went up in the front of the building. Banks says he greets Lydia now and again, and he's pretty sure she likes the Blake Street Vault and the people who visit.

Drinkers enjoying themselves in the convivial main room likely have no inkling that Lydia might be lurking, but Banks offers a quick tour to those who ask. It's more historically interesting than paranormally scary, at least until you get to the vault.

Step inside, and you'll see it: There are scratch marks on the ceiling. More like claw marks, really. . . . Time for another drink. Upstairs.

Oklahoma Expedition Yields Possible Bigfoot Print

Researchers believe that a footprint they discovered over the weekend in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma is that of the elusive creature Bigfoot.

D.W. Lee, global director of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, said the print was discovered about five miles into the woods. They were able to make a cast of the print, which measured 15 3/4 inches long and 5 inches wide.

"The toes were clearly visible on the cast after it was lifted up," Lee said.

In addition, Lee said they heard "vocalizations" in the woods that they recognize as the tell-tale mocking calls of Bigfoot. Whoop sounds, "attempted imitations" of whippoorwills and mimicking of dove and owl calls were heard, he said.

One crew member was hit by a rock during a night hike just moments after two large animals were spied through a night scope walking on two feet across a logging road.

"A lot of people, it doesn't really dawn on them when rocks land near them" that Bigfoot could be responsible, Lee said.

Lee and his crew are evaluating hundreds of photographs and hours of video recordings taken over the weekend by about 30 researchers.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Scott Simmons said he has not been involved in any Bigfoot-seeking expeditions but that people are capable of collecting and analyzing data and have been doing so for years in fascination of the possibility of an unknown apelike species.

"I'm not going to tell someone they did not see or did see something," he said.

Reader / Member Accounts: UFOs, Alien Telepathy and the Dover Demon

First off, one of our wiki members posted the following anecdote describing personal close encounters My Early Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV) Sightings.

If you get the chance, please peruse the Phantoms and Monsters's loaded with several interesting accounts in all facets of the paranormal, supernatural and the unexplained...Lon

Saw my first UFO at about age 5 in the early 50's. It was a stationary round bright white light hanging totally silent in the trees a next to our 1 acre farm pond. It's beam was slowly sweeping the surrounding area across from the pond.

Over the intervening years I, and virtually all of our neighbors, have seen dozens of UFOs in this immediate area. Many have landing stories as well as viewed landing impressions and foot prints. Some have also seen the sweeping light beam as well as the outline of the occupants when the beam swept by the 'crewman' while he was taking night pics of a home across the street that was under construction. He seemed to have a camera mounted at his waist and a light would occasionally flash from there, seen when the beam was not on him.

I have concluded over these many years that there is a leyline through this property and that the UFOs repeatedly follow above it - always from North to South from my experience. Some very unusual things have occurred over this farm - and in this area - over the past 50 years including a visit by one of the black helicopters and a very odd phasing in and out of a small hillock, very similar to the 'transporter affect' that was been used in the old Star Trek series.

Also in this close area and especially over the last five or so years there are numerous Bigfoot reports all from different credible sources. I believe I am very close to nailing down a specific woodlot where this fellow resides.

About two years ago a fellow gave a UFO talk at our local library which was well attended. It subsequently turned out he was an experienced documentary film maker whose actual purpose was to elicit leads for a new documentary on UFOs he was planning.

Ron B
Northville, MI

The Dover Demon

I saw this creature crossing the street (Rte. 18) in Abington, MA in 1970 while I was driving home from work. It stopped, looked at me, and then scurried off up an embankment. It climbed up the side of a storage building onto the roof, and watched me watch it for a small amount of time, then ran along the roof and out of my sight. I later told my wife and some friends about it, and they all decided I was not in my right mind or was making up a story (not in my nature). Last week my wife brought a book home from the library which described the creature and other sightings in Dover. She now believes my story- after 39 yrs of disbelief. I'm not sure what this creature was. I described it as a "purple monkey" kind of thing, but the color I saw was most likely a result of the type of night lighting in the area. I am not broadly given to paranormal sightings or the existence of many cryptozoological creatures, but I know that I saw this or something like this.


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Photo: Apparition at Inveraray Jail in Argyll, Scotland

A snapshot taken by a visitor to Inveraray Jail in Argyll has fueled debate over whether the almost 200-year-old court house and prison is haunted.

The jail, which is recognised as one of the spookiest places in Scotland, is a popular destination for paranormal investigators, including the team from TV’s Most Haunted who recently spent a night at the jail.

Over the years many visitors to the former prison by the side of Loch Fyne in Argyll have complained of uneasy feelings, strange noises and, in some cases, taken photographs which later show unexplained images.

As the County Court anyone from the surrounding area sentenced to prison or transportation would have spent time in the jail where children as young as seven could be detained for minor crimes and subjected to whippings or pointless manual labour.

“The place in the prison that most people react to is cell 10. It doesn’t tend to be something people see so much as a feeling they get there. During the height of the X Files days we used to call it Cell X for obvious reasons,” said Gavin Dick, manager of Inveraray Jail.

“In the kitchen, which is in many ways the most unremarkable room we have had people sense that there’s someone cowering behind the door. There are various areas that cause reactions, and not just on ghost hunts.”

One woman, who visited the jail with her husband and young daughter, complained of having sensed an ‘unsettling presence’ in the prison and was surprised to discover a blurred image in one of her photographs which she didn’t notice when the picture was taken.

”We found the jail very interesting but for myself very scary,” she wrote to prison staff after the event.

”I felt really ill in the old jail. As soon as I walked in my chest tightened and I felt very sick and dizzy.

”I felt as if someone was with us all the way round and was watching us. I couldn’t wait to get out.

”When we got back to our guest house we looked at our photos and to our amazement there is a misty figure standing between the airing cells [in the court yard].

”We cannot explain things but we felt very strange. There is definitely something there. If we were uneasy in the daytime what must it be like at night in the pitch black?”

A recent event at Inveraray Jail, organised by paranormal research team Ghost Finders Scotland, uncovered what they believe to be good examples of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

EVP, made famous in the film White Noise starring Michael Keaton, are electronic recordings that reveal sounds resembling words which many paranormal investigators interpret as the voices of ghosts.

George Allison, 61, a works manager from Glasgow, who took part in a recent ghost hunt at Inveraray jail is convinced he caught a voice on tape.

“People were talking about a ghost which had been running about in the corridor poking people in the back. When I asked if there was anyone there, and if they had hit someone, we could clearly hear a voice say ‘yes, I have’ when the tape was played back.”

Archdiocese Begins Inquiry of Seelos Miracle

"Go home and prepare to die."

That’s what Mary Ellen Heibel’s doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington told her May 11, 2004, after they discovered that the cancer that had attacked Heibel’s esophagus in 2003 and then a lymph node later that year had spread throughout her body.

Given about six months, the longtime parishioner of St. Mary in Annapolis underwent a new form of chemotherapy at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore as a palliative treatment to extend her life. But doctors warned it would only postpone the inevitable.

At the suggestion of a Pittsburgh priest, Heibel began praying a novena in 2005 to Blessed Francis X. Seelos – a 19th-century Redemptorist pastor of her parish who died of yellow fever in 1867 in New Orleans.

One week after she began the novena at her parish, Heibel’s cancer disappeared. Gone were tumors in both lungs, her liver, back and sternum. When Dr. Michael Gibson, her doctor at Hopkins, called with the news, Heibel couldn’t believe it.

“I was just so excited. I called everyone,” the 71-year-old mother of four remembered. “I never thought in a million years this would happen.”

Told by her doctors that the unexplained healing could not be the result of her chemotherapy, Heibel is convinced that Blessed Seelos interceded on her behalf.

“I know this had to be a miracle,” she said.

Archdiocesan officials are now investigating whether Heibel might just be right.

Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien opened an archdiocesan inquiry into the alleged healing with a May 19 Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Baltimore. The archbishop also appointed a group to investigate the case and listen to testimony from Heibel, Dr. Gibson and other witnesses.

The commission’s findings will be sent to Father Antonio Marrazzo, Redemptorist postulator general in Rome, who will then take them to the Vatican’s Congregation of the Causes of Saints. If the healing is deemed miraculous, Blessed Seelos could be canonized by Pope Benedict XVI.

“It calls to mind the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the building of the church of Baltimore,” Archbishop O’Brien said before the May 19 Mass. “Blessed Seelos is typical of many priests and members of the faithful throughout the archdiocese who have taken their faith seriously and lived it faithfully and shared it with others in an inspiring way.”

Cardinal William H. Keeler was also at the Mass.

Father Gilbert Seitz, the archbishop’s episcopal delegate in the inquiry, said members of the investigative group include Dr. Larry Fitzpatrick of Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, who will serve as a medical expert; Capuchin Franciscan Father William Graham, promoter of justice; and Deacon Neil Crisp and Leslie Engle, notaries.

Redemptorist Father John Kingsbury, pastor of St. Mary, said the possible healing is a “major breakthrough” in the canonization effort. Two miracles that occur after death are needed to become a saint in the Catholic Church. The first for Blessed Seelos was recognized when Pope John Paul II beatified the German Redemptorist in 2000. The second miracle needed for canonization could be the Heibel case.

“We’re very happy that the archbishop has opened the investigation,” Father Kingsbury said. “I’m glad Mary Ellen was healed no matter what – and, if it’s Seelos and it helps his cause, it would be wonderful.”

Born in 1819 in Bavaria, Blessed Seelos came to the United States in 1843 to minister to German-speaking immigrants. Ordained at the now-closed St. James parish in Baltimore in 1844, Blessed Seelos ministered in Pittsburgh before being assigned pastor of St. Alphonsus in Baltimore in 1854. While at St. Alphonsus, Blessed Seelos also ministered at St. James and St. Michael in Baltimore. He laid the cornerstone for St. Joseph in Fullerton.

Blessed Seelos became pastor of St. Mary in Annapolis and novice master for Redemptorist seminarians in 1857, and two months later he became pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul in Cumberland and director of the Redemptorist seminary at the parish.

During the Civil War, Blessed Seelos relocated his seminarians to Annapolis in 1862 and again became pastor of St. Mary. He visited President Abraham Lincoln in an effort to exempt seminarians from the draft. Because only priests could be exempt, Blessed Seelos arranged for Archbishop Francis Patrick Kenrick to ordain all 20 seminarians.

Blessed Seelos worked in Detroit in 1865 and then was reassigned to New Orleans a year later, where he ministered for 13 months before dying at age 48 after ministering to victims of the yellow fever outbreak.

Sitting on a bench next to a seated bronze statue of Blessed Seelos at St. Mary a few days before the archdiocese opened the investigation into her alleged healing, Heibel said she attends Mass, prays the rosary and prays to Blessed Seelos every day. She wears a relic, a chip of Blessed Seelos’ bone, around her neck.

Many parishioners have been praying for her throughout her ordeal with cancer.

“I think people were shocked when I was dying practically and came back to life so fast,” said Heibel, who retired last year as a self-employed antiques appraiser.

Heibel said her strong faith is what’s sustained her through numerous health challenges in her life – including a kidney transplant, poor hearing and a bout with septic shock.

“Every time I got sick, my faith increased,” she said.

Heibel noted that other parishioners and other believers around the country have reported miracles through the intercession of Blessed Seelos.

“I don’t know why they picked me out of the whole bunch to use,” she said with a laugh. “So many people have been helped by Blessed Seelos.”

NOTE: I don't normally post religious related items, but this incident not only happened locally but involves some remarkable circumstances that has the medical community in the Baltimore area bewildered. My mother-in-law died from cancer of the esophagus and I know how fast it can spread and how difficult it is to treat..Lon

Video: UFO Captured On Surveillance Cam - Sarapul, Russia - May 22, 2009

NOTE: this was taken at Sarapul, Udmurtia Republic, Russia by CCTV on May 22, 2009 around 3:00 am local time. At first, it looks like a comet...but there have been no reports and the appearance of the secondary object put that into question. If it were a meteorite, the speed would be faster and the object would be much brighter. I suppose it could be CGI...who knows, but the reactions of the witnesses kind of dispel that theory. It's an interesting video nonetheless...Lon

NOTE: I received the following description to this sighting..."This is a test firing of a Russian ICBM. What you are seeing are the ice crystals which form from the propellant reflecting the rays of the sun as the missile climbs in to higher altitude."...Lon

Siberian 'Wild Child' Raised By Dogs and Cats

Doctors believe that the girl who was 'raised' by dogs and cats in chilling squalor in the East Siberian city of Chita could soon adapt to a normal life, a psychiatrist said on Thursday.

The girl, 5, nicknamed Mowgli by Russian media after the character from the Rudyard Kipling book, has not learned to speak, and makes only animal-like noises, despite sharing the three-room flat with her father and other relatives.

The child, who was found by police "unwashed, in dirty clothes, and with the obvious habits of a domestic animal," is at the physical development stage of a two or three year old and is being treated in a rehabilitation center.

"The girl will be able to adapt and will quickly catch up with her contemporaries in development," psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov said, adding Russia had previous experience in dealing with such children.

The psychiatrist said that the child, who has never been outside her flat, has first to go through a period of adaptation with children of the same development stage.

The report said the family was living in squalor, and that "the water, heating, gas, and sanitation had long ago been switched off."

Despite being isolated from society, the girl found no difficulty playing with other children at the center. Specialist medical staff, who are currently studying the child, said that "she looks like she'll be healthy."

The girl's mother called in at a police station when she realized her daughter had been taken. The father, who was not in the flat when the police discovered the girl, was detained on Wednesday.

A criminal case has been opened against family members, but the maximum prison term is three years. Authorities are deciding whether they should lose their paternal rights.

The father said however he considered the family's living conditions as normal and demanded that the child be returned home. He added that the girl's mother was an alcoholic who neglected the child.

British Actress Claims Encounter With Loch Ness Monster

'ALLO 'ALLO star Vicki Michelle took a pleasure cruise on Loch Ness and had a close encounter with Nessie herself.

Vicki was appearing in the stage version of the classic telly comedy at the Eden Court in Inverness.

And she and the rest of the cast got more than they bargained for when they enjoyed a sightseeing trip on the loch's Jacobite Queen cruise ship.

The boat was on its way to Urquhart Castle when the crew picked up a strange signal on their sonar.

Vicki dashed below decks for a look, and was amazed to see five mysterious "arch shapes" on the screen.

The boat's skipper said he'd never seen anything like it in his 15 year on the loch. Monster-hunters plan to investigate the sighting further.

Vicki, who plays saucy waitress Yvette in 'Allo 'Allo, said yesterday: "Perhaps Nessie's a fan of the show!"


She added: "I caught an arch shape on the monitor, followed by four more.

"The whole cast had been hoping to see something on the trip. And if it was Nessie, that positive energy probably brought her out.

"In all seriousness, whether it was Nessie or not, we all definitely saw something on that monitor."

Loch Ness researcher Adrian Shine, who has spent years investigating the monster mystery, said: "This has got me puzzled. It has every appearance of a genuine sonar contact.

"It certainly adds to the Loch Ness mystery and will be the subject of further investigation."

The 'Allo 'Allo stage play, starring Vicki and Hi-De-Hi's Jeffrey Holland as Rene, was on in Inverness from May 18 to 23. The cast are now continuing their UK tour.


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Anomalist Books - works on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries. Please check out their excellent and diverse catalog


---- E o blog das Estranhas Verdades Relativas volta para falar de “Purgantes”. Sim! Isso mesmo! Que tal falar daqueles purgantes que precisamos engolir a seco em nosso dia á dia?
---- Calma! Não se preocupe! Eu não vou falar aqui da melhor marca de purgante, mas sim pretendo abordar aquelas pessoas “purgantes” que somos obrigados a suportar todo santo dia, ou alguns dias mesmo que parecem semanas. Sei também que eu prego o respeito a tudo e a todos, mas vamos combinar que uma hora até mesmo o ser mais paciente do mundo, que não é o meu caso, perde a paciência por alguma razão. Pessoas purgantes realmente estão ligadas a fatos assim, por isso elas merecem destaque aqui em nosso blog, quase, politicamente correto.
---- Pois bem. Muitos de nós conhecemos uma pessoa que pega o bonde andando e quer sentar na janela, uma pessoa que gosta de opinar sobre tudo, até mesmo o que não devia, uma pessoa sem noção do ridículo, uma pessoa sem noção de educação, uma pessoa sem noção alguma de nada, uma pessoa que gosta de chamar atenção, uma pessoa que adora falar mal do próximo, uma pessoa que adora sempre estar certo mesmo estando errado, uma pessoa que se acha o máximo, uma pessoa que corta você quando você está falando, uma pessoa que nada faz e tudo quer, uma pessoa egocêntrica, uma pessoa metida, uma pessoa que nem mesmo um “pedala robinho” funciona, uma pessoa simplesmente insuportável, uma pessoa que...
---- Ai, ai! Pense em todas essas características em uma só pessoa e pense em uma palavra para defini-la. Resposta: purgante! Sim! Um purgante para lá de ruim e impossível de suportar. Ah, um purgante que pode estar em qualquer esquina, em qualquer lugar, em qualquer ponto de sua vida e que certamente fará você sentir algum efeito. Purgante! Um remédio amargo e grátis distribuído em um local onde você menos espera. Fuja dele quanto pode ou aproveite os efeitos que ele lhe proporcionará.
---- Agora falando sério, é extremamente manter suas convicções com uma pessoa assim por perto.Inicialmente eu até tento ajudar, mas uma hora cansa. Ah, por falar nisso, em Junho teremos um texto chamado “Por que os Bonzinhos Sempre Levam a Pior?”, mês esse em que o blog faz 1 ano de vida, porém isso é apenas no mês que vem que logo começará. Por hora, Maio está bombando e os purgantes estão dominando o mundo. Se você conhece uma pessoa assim, não custa dar um leve toque, mas previno que as chances de mudanças são poucas.

Resultado: Enquête de Maio

---- Finalizando a pesquisa aqui feita pelo blog no mês de Maio, parece que as pessoas que votaram, eu incluso, preferem opinar apenas sobre o que sabem. Essa é uma atitude muito sensata já que ninguém gosta de alguém que quer bancar o sabe tudo e opina sobre fatos sem nem ao mesmo ter conhecimento. A segunda colocada que segue o estilo da primeira, e diz que quando não conhecem determinado assunto, pesquisam para depois opinar, o que é outra coisa sensata a ser feita. Também tivemos votos variados que vocês podem conferir no quadro ao lado, mas como dizem por aí, cada um sabe de si.
---- Basicamente, ao que podemos perceber, parece que as pessoas que passam por aqui possuem a cabeça no lugar, o que é ótimo!!! No mês de Junho que se aproxima, a enquête será outra que eu já adianto por aqui. No mês em que o blog das Estranhas Verdades Relativas completa 1 ano de vida, nós perguntamos o que você gostaria de ver por aqui? Teremos uma gama de opções e você escolhe a que mais lhe interessar.
---- Por hora era isso. Até mais!

Paranormal Vigil Planned For Haunted Shropshire Hotel

Spooky goings-on at a Shropshire hotel are set to go under the spotlight when a group of ghosthunters book themselves in.

A paranormal investigation will be carried out at The Old Rectory Hotel, in Wem, after staff and guests experienced peculiar goings-on.

Legend has it that during its previous incarnation as a rectory, a nanny employed to look after the rector’s children hanged herself on the top floor of the building. It is said that the children loved her so much that they died shortly afterwards, supposedly of broken hearts.

Children have been heard laughing by several members of staff, objects have been heard being thrown around and an apparition of a man has been seen on several occasions on the stairs leading to the kitchen.

History of the Old Rectory Hotel in Wem

The Old Rectory in Wem was built in 1804 with funds from Queen Anne's Bounty to provide a new home for the rectors. In 1874 the Victorian wing was added in order to make it a more comfortable and convenient residence. During the Second World War it was requisitioned and the main part used as a hospital for American Soldiers, a time remembered well by one local lady who has fond memories of sliding down the handrail of the Georgian staircase while she worked there as a nurse!

The last rector to reside at The Old Rectory lived there from 1931. In 1961 he purchased the building from the church and used it as the family home until it was sold in 1981 and converted into a restaurant, with bedrooms being added later. Unfortunately in 1991 it fell into disrepair and lay derelict and abandoned for the next few years.

However, in 1996 the Rectory's saviours came along in the form of the Hanmer family, who spent the best part of the next 10 years lovingly restoring it to its former glory. It was re-opened to much fanfare in 2005, now boasting 14 uniquely-styled bedrooms, bar and drawing room, restaurant and a conservatory which overlooks the 3.5 acres of grounds that this listed building is situated in.

Sweeping up the gravel driveway to this impressive building, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into the pages of an Agatha Christie novel. Indeed, there is much mystery and intrigue at The Old Rectory, but only in the form of paranormal activity. For since the re-opening, staff and guests alike have all experienced peculiar goings-on.

Legend has it that during its previous incarnation as a Rectory, a Nanny employed to look after the rector's children became filled with despair and hanged herself on the top floor of the building. It is said that the children loved her so much that they died shortly afterwards, presumable of broken hearts. We can find no historical evidence to confirm this story, but it would explain the strange atmosphere in that area of the Rectory. Children have been heard laughing by several members of staff, and a childlike scrawl was found on the wall in one of the bedrooms. Upon being cleaned off, it promptly re-appeared shortly afterwards.

Room 17 on the top floor appears to be the focus of much of the paranormal activity. Although primarily used for storage, previous owners have heard objects being apparently thrown around the room and the current housekeeping staff refer to it as 'The Scary Room'. Many people believe that it would have been the ill-fated Nanny's room.

It is also thought that at least one of the rectors still visits his former home as an apparition of a gentleman dressed as such has been seen on several occasions on the stairs leading to the kitchen.

One night, the current manager was cashing up in reception; she left in order to go to the bar and on returning noticed to her surprise and bemusement that three files had been moved from the cupboard onto the floor. This incident was also accompanied by the strong smell of cigarette smoke, yet she was the only person in the hotel at the time. This aroma of tobacco has been experienced many times since the re-opening, which is especially unusual given the present-day smoking ban!

Incidentally, the North Shropshire town of Wem is already well known in the paranormal community due to this famous photograph taken in 1995 as the Town Hall burned to the ground. It appears to show a young girl standing in the flames, yet the photographer is adamant that there was no-one in the shot at the time. Some people believe it to be the ghost of Jane Churm, a young girl supposedly responsible for a previous fire at Wem Town Hall in 1677.

Bizarre Break-In at an Albuquerque Funeral Home

Albuquerque police are investigating a bizarre break-in Sunday. They say that a teenager busted in to a funeral home but didn't steal anything.

Cops are looking into the possibility that he was after the bodies inside.

Someone reported a suspicious person in the area of Washington and Menaul. At first, police say they thought the 18-year-old had been beaten up, but they say their investigation found he had injured himself when he broke into the nearby Reflections Funeral Home.

Investigators say he took a rock and smashed open the front door, but cut himself on the glass on the way in.

When police went inside the funeral home, they found nothing was stolen, which made them worry the burglar's intentions were more sinister.

Albuquerque Police spokesperson Nadine Hamby told Eyewitness News 4 Sunday, "He may have tampered with the bodies that were in there so the office of the medical investigator they were called out to make sure that everything and one and everything was ok inside that facility."

OMI is still examining the bodies to see if they were tampered with.

The suspect was taken to UNM Hospital for treatment of his injuries and for a mental evaluation.

Russian Scientist Claims Alien UFO Collided With Tunguska Meteorite

Aliens downed Tunguska meteorite to protect our planet from devastation, stated Russian scientist Yuriy Lavbin about the 100 year old mystery surrounding the massive Siberian explosion. He showed 10 quartz crystals that he found at the place of the meteorite’s crash. Several of the crystals have holes in between, so they can be united in a chain.

- What could this chain serve for? Besides, some crystals have strange drawings on them. We don’t have any technologies that can print such kind of drawings on crystals. We also found ferrum silicate that can not be produced anywhere, except in space”, - the scientist stated.

The meteorite’s crash took place a long time ago, in the summer of 1908. An enormous volcanic ball rushed over the sky with terrifying wallop and thunder-like sound. All the citizens were frightened to death and scared to move out of their houses. A flight of a “flamy alien” ended up in an hour in the deserted taiga area. In a matter of seconds an explosive wave spread for 40 kilometers, devastating everything living around.

It was not until many years later that a Siberian scientist set up an expedition to the place of the meteorite’s crash. They searched carefully through the river banks and found there unusual quartz boards. Mr. Lavbin states that such solid stones do not exist on our planet Earth. He told of an experiment that was done on the crystals: scientists tried to put some of the same drawing that were on the stones initially with a sophisticated laser machine.

How surprised they were to realize that the laser (that usually cuts metal objects into pieces) managed to put just some faint stripes, barely visible. The stones, have an entire system of different lines and circles on them. Scientists suppose that the stones used to be a part of the navigational system of a spaceship. All stones united form a map, which they could have used to cruise through the Universe.

In 1908, the UFO is thought to have hit the meteorite that weighed over 1 billion tons. If the meteorite fell down on Earth, all the people would have been dead. Scientists believe the aliens had interfered and put their lives on the line to make sure there isn't a direct impact with the Earth.

A strange portrait of a strange person on one of the stones proves this hypothesis - concluded Mr Lavbin.

Experts Still Baffled By Kazakhstan UFO Event

Two mysterious object recovered by the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations in mid May are being said to be “fragments of some flight vehicle”.

The two objects were said to have fallen from the sky as fireballs and originally reported to be 60 centimeters in diameter, about 24 inches. The most recent information, taken from and translated from Russian (translated version can be seen here) claims “Two objects of ball-shaped form with a diameter approximately of 40 centimeters and with a weight of 10-12 kilograms” and that after being examined “some numbers” were found on at least one of the objects. Also added to the description “Outside these spheres were fused - they clearly underwent the action of high temperature, one of the spheres was torn, another - whole”.

The 60 centimeter to 40 centimeter size difference seems extreme, but the original size of the objects may have just been misreported.

While these objects appear human in origin, it is still plenty mysterious that two, still yet to be identified objects, caused fireballs that were seen by multiple witnesses. The observation that they “underwent the action of high temperature” implies they fell from a great height, not just off a passing airplane.

Hopefully the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations will release their finding when researching the source of these spheres. Could similar fireball sightings have the same source as these objects and fireballs?

Earlier this month we reported on the two mysterious spherical objects that crashed into a farm in Kazakhstan.

Since the UFO event there has been a fair amount of speculation as to the origin of the objects.

It has been incorrectly reported that the two objects were declared by the Kazakh Ministry of Defense and Institute for Space Studies to be tanks of compressed helium that had broken loose from an orbiting Satellite.

This theory was merely the opinion of some online members of Russian and Kazakh science clubs.

In fact Kazakh media is reporting that the Ministry of Defence and the Institute for Space Studies have been thus so far unable to identify and determine what the 'space eggs' are. They remain in the truest sense UFOs and may well be the products of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Previously posted - May 14, 2009

A UFO incident that took place in Kazakhstan is being widely reported by the media in Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries including Russia and The Ukraine.

Interfax, Russia's government news agency, has reported that at 3am on May 13 a farmer in the village of Razdolnoye in West Kazakhstan, Vladimir Bychkov, was working his fields and noticed three luminous objects falling from the sky. They were emitting red and green sparks as they descended to earth.

The farmer alerted other villagers and they located the objects in the fields. The perfectly spherical objects were about 60cm in diameter.They were hot to touch, silvery and made of a substance the villagers were not familiar with. Each UFO had a hole on its side. When the curious villagers tried to chip the UFOs with a chisel colourful sparks flew out but to their astonishment they were unable to mark the objects in any way.

Shortly after, emergency services and the police arrived at the scene and began their formal investigations.The story is being reported in over fifty news outlets.

Did a mothership UFO lose a few parts? Does this have anything to do with the UFO base and alien embassy that the government of Kazakhstan is building?

NOTE: since this report is supposedly coming from Interfax I'm currently giving it guarded credibility. BTW, the report states Interfax as a government run news service...officially, it's not (if you really want to believe that). The Interfax-Kazakhstan website only reports through 24 hours and this incident is no longer on the latest news roll. Hopefully, something else will come to light...Lon


2 UFOs Crash Land in Kazakhstan - Report

UPDATE: From Moscow News

Two luminous balls have fallen from the sky into a field near a village in Kazakhstan. The Local Emergency Ministry is studying the objects, believed to be UFOs.

Residents of Razdolnoye village in Western Kazakhstan saw the UFOs at night.

“This was around three o’clock in the morning,” eyewitness Vladimir Bychkov told Interfax news agency Thursday.

“I was near my tractor, and heard guys shouting: ‘look, there are flying balls!’ They were big balls, and they had sparks falling off them – yellow, red, and green,” Bychkov said.

The balls were reported to have fallen on agricultural lands.

“We were afraid to approach them at first, but after they fell and cooled down, we came up to them and tried kicking them,” another eyewitness, Viktor Dyakov, said.

He said the balls were made from a "weird" material.

“We tried beating them with a chisel, but they didn’t give in, didn’t crease, only gave off sparks.”

According to Dyakov, the balls are silvery in color and around 60 cm in diameter. They also have a small hole on one side.

Emergency Ministry experts did not immediately give any comments.
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