Bizarre Break-In at an Albuquerque Funeral Home

Albuquerque police are investigating a bizarre break-in Sunday. They say that a teenager busted in to a funeral home but didn't steal anything.

Cops are looking into the possibility that he was after the bodies inside.

Someone reported a suspicious person in the area of Washington and Menaul. At first, police say they thought the 18-year-old had been beaten up, but they say their investigation found he had injured himself when he broke into the nearby Reflections Funeral Home.

Investigators say he took a rock and smashed open the front door, but cut himself on the glass on the way in.

When police went inside the funeral home, they found nothing was stolen, which made them worry the burglar's intentions were more sinister.

Albuquerque Police spokesperson Nadine Hamby told Eyewitness News 4 Sunday, "He may have tampered with the bodies that were in there so the office of the medical investigator they were called out to make sure that everything and one and everything was ok inside that facility."

OMI is still examining the bodies to see if they were tampered with.

The suspect was taken to UNM Hospital for treatment of his injuries and for a mental evaluation.
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