Experts Still Baffled By Kazakhstan UFO Event

Two mysterious object recovered by the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations in mid May are being said to be “fragments of some flight vehicle”.

The two objects were said to have fallen from the sky as fireballs and originally reported to be 60 centimeters in diameter, about 24 inches. The most recent information, taken from and translated from Russian (translated version can be seen here) claims “Two objects of ball-shaped form with a diameter approximately of 40 centimeters and with a weight of 10-12 kilograms” and that after being examined “some numbers” were found on at least one of the objects. Also added to the description “Outside these spheres were fused - they clearly underwent the action of high temperature, one of the spheres was torn, another - whole”.

The 60 centimeter to 40 centimeter size difference seems extreme, but the original size of the objects may have just been misreported.

While these objects appear human in origin, it is still plenty mysterious that two, still yet to be identified objects, caused fireballs that were seen by multiple witnesses. The observation that they “underwent the action of high temperature” implies they fell from a great height, not just off a passing airplane.

Hopefully the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations will release their finding when researching the source of these spheres. Could similar fireball sightings have the same source as these objects and fireballs?

Earlier this month we reported on the two mysterious spherical objects that crashed into a farm in Kazakhstan.

Since the UFO event there has been a fair amount of speculation as to the origin of the objects.

It has been incorrectly reported that the two objects were declared by the Kazakh Ministry of Defense and Institute for Space Studies to be tanks of compressed helium that had broken loose from an orbiting Satellite.

This theory was merely the opinion of some online members of Russian and Kazakh science clubs.

In fact Kazakh media is reporting that the Ministry of Defence and the Institute for Space Studies have been thus so far unable to identify and determine what the 'space eggs' are. They remain in the truest sense UFOs and may well be the products of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Previously posted - May 14, 2009

A UFO incident that took place in Kazakhstan is being widely reported by the media in Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries including Russia and The Ukraine.

Interfax, Russia's government news agency, has reported that at 3am on May 13 a farmer in the village of Razdolnoye in West Kazakhstan, Vladimir Bychkov, was working his fields and noticed three luminous objects falling from the sky. They were emitting red and green sparks as they descended to earth.

The farmer alerted other villagers and they located the objects in the fields. The perfectly spherical objects were about 60cm in diameter.They were hot to touch, silvery and made of a substance the villagers were not familiar with. Each UFO had a hole on its side. When the curious villagers tried to chip the UFOs with a chisel colourful sparks flew out but to their astonishment they were unable to mark the objects in any way.

Shortly after, emergency services and the police arrived at the scene and began their formal investigations.The story is being reported in over fifty news outlets.

Did a mothership UFO lose a few parts? Does this have anything to do with the UFO base and alien embassy that the government of Kazakhstan is building?

NOTE: since this report is supposedly coming from Interfax I'm currently giving it guarded credibility. BTW, the report states Interfax as a government run news service...officially, it's not (if you really want to believe that). The Interfax-Kazakhstan website only reports through 24 hours and this incident is no longer on the latest news roll. Hopefully, something else will come to light...Lon


2 UFOs Crash Land in Kazakhstan - Report

UPDATE: From Moscow News

Two luminous balls have fallen from the sky into a field near a village in Kazakhstan. The Local Emergency Ministry is studying the objects, believed to be UFOs.

Residents of Razdolnoye village in Western Kazakhstan saw the UFOs at night.

“This was around three o’clock in the morning,” eyewitness Vladimir Bychkov told Interfax news agency Thursday.

“I was near my tractor, and heard guys shouting: ‘look, there are flying balls!’ They were big balls, and they had sparks falling off them – yellow, red, and green,” Bychkov said.

The balls were reported to have fallen on agricultural lands.

“We were afraid to approach them at first, but after they fell and cooled down, we came up to them and tried kicking them,” another eyewitness, Viktor Dyakov, said.

He said the balls were made from a "weird" material.

“We tried beating them with a chisel, but they didn’t give in, didn’t crease, only gave off sparks.”

According to Dyakov, the balls are silvery in color and around 60 cm in diameter. They also have a small hole on one side.

Emergency Ministry experts did not immediately give any comments.
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