Haunted Psychiatric Hospital Restored to a Luxury Hotel

Within the next two weeks, a former Albuquerque hospital will begin the transformation into a hotel.

Eighty-three years ago, Memorial Hospital went up for people working for the railroad.

Then, it became a psychiatric hospital in the 1980s.

"It's been a real cultural icon, if you will, in the community," developer David Oberstein said.

But it now sits empty, only acting as a mysterious building at Interstate 25 and Central Avenue.

Soon, the cracked concrete outside and institutional feel inside will be restored to a high-end hotel.

"It's actually a perfect use for the building," Ray Smith, with Klinger Construction, said.

Smith helped with the last renovation of the building, and is doing it again this time.

He knows all the nooks and crannies, like the fact that a tunnel in the cafeteria closet leads to the boiler building on another part of the site.

"We're going to have to fill the chimney with concrete and rebar, so it won't fall over," Smith said.

But those who know the building are nervous about its past.

"I'm sure it's haunted," Smith said.

With decades spent filled with patients, every room must have a story, which could attract some to the hotel and deter others.

"Don't go on the second floor of the west wing by yourself," Smith said.

"Why is that?" Action 7 News reporter Leigh Checkstad asked.

"I can't explain, but I wouldn't if I were you," Smith said.

The 2.3-acre site will feature a massage room, outdoor hot tubs and a rooftop bar.

The Hotel Parc Central is expected to open in about a year.

NOTE: I found this older tidbit in reference to this hospital: "There is an abandoned insane asylum on the corner of Edith and Osuna Streets. The asylum is owned by the neighbors (actually, it's owned by a motorcycle gang) and are strict about trespassing. Those who have risked going into this asylum have witnessed a large black figure following them . This black figure has appeared in pictures as well. It is said that Dr. Samuel would kill and experiment on the patients and killed them after wards, placing the bodies in the basement. A few years later, Samuel hung himself . After the murders, the asylum was never the same and they were forced to close it down."
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