MUFON Report: Italian Lawyer Claims Evidence of Extraterrestrial Civilization

MUFON Report:

Case Number: 17081
Log Number: IT-05232009-0006
Submitted Date: 2009-05-23 05:19
Status: Submitted
Country: IT
Longitude: 13.367
Latitude: 42.367
Shape: Other

Dear Director

This is not a Joke. I'm an Italian Lawyer, and I have evidences (proof) of Extraterrestrial Civilization hidden at the world and now exposed. I don't speak English very well, so I hope that in your office there is someone that could better translate this message about the evidence (satellites images from official and public source) undeniable of an Extraterrestrial civilization, their huge buildings (dozens Km. square) and more, as you can see. I consider this the sum of the evidence as incontrovertible.

Thanks for your attention. I pray not to take to this mail like a hoax or a joke. In those days I’m try to contact international media to disclose this story and show a little part of what I said. I know is not easy, and I can understand your skepticism, but the proofs are huge and public, easy to find for all the people that could looks by themselves, even if well hidden and smuggled. I’m not a liar in looks for of crazy publicity or visionary, but a Lawyer of Bari (Italy).

There are not Video footage's or simple UFO pictures, but images satellites from Official source that reproduce huge buildings...and other... I know that is too big story to believe, and you have my comprehension, but it is all true. I’m a rational person, even if I have the passion for this kind of arguments, but this to which are found forehead very goes beyond any fantasy or subjective interpretation. This that I have learned and seen has literally astounded me, and not I hide that I have found it hard to believe in this that I was observing.

At the moment, however, the task that is entrusted me is only that to try to show to the average, within a short of time, this incredible discovery and to protect professionally, under all the points of view, (personal and economic) the person who has entrusted to return me and partecipe of this secret. This person has entrusted me in order to disclose this that he has found and he has bound to most absolute professional reserve and the total anonymity to me.

I realize of vagueness of these affirmations, but, at the moment, I cannot say other in order not to compromise or to make useless my acts. The only indication that I can give you is that the information that I will be able to offer to you are officials, comes from public Agencies and Institutions and are not of this world: an irrefutable tests of an extraterrestrial civilization.

I hope to be contacted via email to clarify better all the aspects about this incredible news. I could send you some images in attachment, as little proof of what I claim. For the moment, Verify only the genuineness of those images with digital images technicians or geologists. (I do this yet!). Thanks for your attention. Sure of your professional reserve and the entire staff,

Sincerely yours.

Avv. Antonio Di Bello

NOTE: it seems that some type of video or still image evidence was submitted with a request to not release publicly. I know of one other group, other than MUFON, that received a similar report and evidence from this witness. Anyway, if any tangible evidence surfaces, I will post an update...Lon
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