Photo: Journalist Reports UFO Over Northeastern China

A Chinese newspaper reported this week on a UFO sighting made by one of their own Journalists. Jing-Sen Gao of Dunhua, a city in the ethnic Korean enclave of Yanbian was walking with friends to a cultural event on 18 April at around 4pm when they saw a strange black object in the sky above them.

The object changed shape constantly. It went from being square to triangle to saucer shaped. Mr Goa then started filming the object with his mobile phone camera. At this point the object started emitting a flickering white light and then after a few minutes it vanished completely.

On showing people his recording some declared the object a UFO of extraterrestrial origin while others claimed it was a vision of Buddha. The film has not come to light and is believed to be in the process of being examined by a local Chinese astronomical society. The above picture has been released however.
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