Photo: UFO w/ Ground Searching Beam - Hampshire County, WV

(Illustration by witness)

MUFON Report - Unedited: May 21, 2009 - roughly spherical illuminated object its light was golden with small red lites also sometimes. It was very definitely beaming a "spotlight" onto the earth

I just went out on my deck before retiring. My house is elevated -- very clear views for a great distance. To the North of my deck is a large mountain that I believe is Town Hill Mt which I think lies in Maryland - I am very close to Maryland and am just beside the Potomac - I am in Hampshire County, WV.

Honestly -- I keep my eyes open for UFOs here because I can see so far and it is rural -- no lights, lots of stars.

So -- tonight I finally saw one. It was roughly spherical - it was totally illuminated a rich golden, almost the color of cantaloupe. It very very definitely was beaming a spotlight down onto the ground.

Where it was - is a location I look at every day -- I know it well. There is nothing there but trees -- it was the base of this mountain and at times it "beamed" farther up the mountain. As if it were looking for something -- but there is nothing over there I dont think even any houses.

It stood PERFECTLY still a lot of the time. Usually with its "beam" shining down. If it were a helocopter I should easily have been able to hear it here -- it is very quiet here and this object was not very far away -- maybe 5 miles. Maybe 2 miles.

It eventually moved off toward the West -- that might put it heading over Keyser, WV, maybe Springfield or Ft Ashby - maybe it would eventually get near Cumberland MD. When it moved off, it was slow. Still beamed down from time to time.

I assume that a helocopter does not glow golden with a consistent bright golden light all around it. I think a copter would have headlights -- but not the entire thing would be shining bright gold.

I dont know how quickly you read these reports -- but if you could forwarn someone west of me to be ready I think they could film it.

I tried to photo it -- will review the pix in a minute but I dont think they will be helpful.

NOTE: the witness claimed the spherical-shaped object hovered near his home as it beamed a spotlight onto the ground. He stated the glowing and silent object appeared to be searching for something on the ground...Lon
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