Reader / Member Accounts: UFOs, Alien Telepathy and the Dover Demon

First off, one of our wiki members posted the following anecdote describing personal close encounters My Early Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV) Sightings.

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Saw my first UFO at about age 5 in the early 50's. It was a stationary round bright white light hanging totally silent in the trees a next to our 1 acre farm pond. It's beam was slowly sweeping the surrounding area across from the pond.

Over the intervening years I, and virtually all of our neighbors, have seen dozens of UFOs in this immediate area. Many have landing stories as well as viewed landing impressions and foot prints. Some have also seen the sweeping light beam as well as the outline of the occupants when the beam swept by the 'crewman' while he was taking night pics of a home across the street that was under construction. He seemed to have a camera mounted at his waist and a light would occasionally flash from there, seen when the beam was not on him.

I have concluded over these many years that there is a leyline through this property and that the UFOs repeatedly follow above it - always from North to South from my experience. Some very unusual things have occurred over this farm - and in this area - over the past 50 years including a visit by one of the black helicopters and a very odd phasing in and out of a small hillock, very similar to the 'transporter affect' that was been used in the old Star Trek series.

Also in this close area and especially over the last five or so years there are numerous Bigfoot reports all from different credible sources. I believe I am very close to nailing down a specific woodlot where this fellow resides.

About two years ago a fellow gave a UFO talk at our local library which was well attended. It subsequently turned out he was an experienced documentary film maker whose actual purpose was to elicit leads for a new documentary on UFOs he was planning.

Ron B
Northville, MI

The Dover Demon

I saw this creature crossing the street (Rte. 18) in Abington, MA in 1970 while I was driving home from work. It stopped, looked at me, and then scurried off up an embankment. It climbed up the side of a storage building onto the roof, and watched me watch it for a small amount of time, then ran along the roof and out of my sight. I later told my wife and some friends about it, and they all decided I was not in my right mind or was making up a story (not in my nature). Last week my wife brought a book home from the library which described the creature and other sightings in Dover. She now believes my story- after 39 yrs of disbelief. I'm not sure what this creature was. I described it as a "purple monkey" kind of thing, but the color I saw was most likely a result of the type of night lighting in the area. I am not broadly given to paranormal sightings or the existence of many cryptozoological creatures, but I know that I saw this or something like this.


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