Russian Man Kills 5 With Self-Made Electric Chair

A Russian man has killed at least 5 people with a self-made electric chair before being detained by police, the web-site reported on Friday.

The 30-year old killer was detained in the city of Yekaterinburg, in the Urals Region in central Russia. He has pleaded guilty to killing one man whom he lured into his garage by posting a classified ad on the Internet claiming he wanted to buy some computer parts. Then, the maniac tied up his victim and put him into the car, wrapping his body in electric wire connected to a powerful capacitor. After electrocuting the victim he took the body to the outskirts of the city and burned it in a fire made with old car tires.

Despite the fact that the murder was committed in the presence of a witness – one of the killer’s friends – the case was solved only after the police had found and managed to identify the badly burnt body. When the maniac was detained, he immediately pleaded guilty and told the investigators that he would admit all similar crimes if more bodies were found.

Investigators think that in 2008 and 2009 the maniac killed at least 5 people, since that many people had left their homes to sell computer parts and went missing since then.

Police found a small power plant installed in the garage and linked to a computer. The detained killer said that he had designed a device with which he planned to kill people who passed by in their cars – one part of the machine would remotely stop the car engine and the other part, resembling a door mat – would electrocute and kill the exiting driver.

While staying in the pre-trial detention center, the criminal said that he also planned to make a device that would erase people’s memory with an electro-magnetic ray.
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