Searching For Answers at Austin's Paramount Theater

Many people consider the Historic Paramount Theater in Austin to be haunted.

The question is, is it really?

We set out to try and answer the question along with a group of professional ghost hunters.

Scott Anderson manages the historic Paramount Theater in Austin and says he thinks the theater is haunted.

One of his most compelling pieces of evidence is a picture taken by a couple of tourists.

A picture that shows the stage, the ceiling above it, and something that shouldn't be there.

"One of them took a picture with their digital camera and said my God there's a picture of the moon. I looked over at the viewfinder and sure enough there's a perfect circle. And it looks just like the moon, well it's not... actually there. I said well, the ghost made it happen,” says Anderson.

"The Paramount was opened in 1929,” says Nick Larson.

Several weeks ago, The Investigative Paranormal Society of Minnesota, aka TIPSMN, decided to take a look for itself.

Along for the hunt, nearly a dozen students from Austin Community Education who were learning how to ghost hunt.

Armed with devices that register electro-magnetic fields, electronic voice phenomenon and digital cameras, everyone including myself began to eagerly explore every corner of the theater.

It wasn't long before some of the students began to capture what may have been ghost orbs on their cameras from the main floor.

But most of the unexplained experiences took place in the balcony.

Things like cold spots.

“It was up to 72 and then I pointed it this way and then it went all the way down to 65," says Gary Shaw.

And dead batteries…

“Normally my camera would be able to go through the whole investigation with no problem but it's died three times and I can't get it to turn back on,” says Larson.

Strange to be sure, but ghostly?

That decision would have to wait until all the evidence could be reviewed.

Just a few days ago TIPSMN regrouped at the Paramount to go over what they had found.

The first piece of evidence is what they call electronic voice phenomenon, a disembodied female voice captured on audio.

"This one we believe is saying a name and saying Jenny,” says Larson.

The second piece of evidence involves digital photos, both of them containing.

"A giant white orb... pretty much in the middle of the stage area,” Larson says.

"We thought it might be dust. Normally with orb photos that could be dust there's a lot of orbs or what they call an orb party. But in this case we didn't have that, we only had one singular orb,” says Larson.

So, does this make the Paramount haunted?

The ghost hunters say sadly, the answer is no.

"We don't have enough evidence to support that it is haunted. So right now we'd have to say it's not," says Larson.

Even so, those two photos are strikingly similar to the one Scott Anderson has.


Maybe so, but then again, maybe not.

The Paranormal Investigative Society of Minnesota, along with Austin Community Education, has more ghost hunts coming up throughout the area.
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