Video: UFO Formation Intercepted By Helicopters - Horn Lake, Mississippi

Statement with video: Around 10:30 a formation of lights sit in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end watch as 3 lights appear below them. You get to see one appear out of nowhere. Its amazing thing to excited.Hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to Memphis but its too far so we stopped.

MUFON Report - Unedited: As me and my friends were driving down the road I noticed a group of bright lights sitting in the sky. I immediately speed for a place to park and film. I was extremely excited to be able to film this event. I was in horn lake filming in the shnucks parking lot.

I got out the car and quickly began filming. It started off with 5 lights in a formation and as i began filming there were four but one was leaving. When i first noticed these objects i knew that these were not planes. Planes dont sit in the same spot for an hour.

But as i filmed helicopters began to head for the lights. As i filmed the helicopters as they multiplied i film back at the ufo lights and BAM one was missing. But how can it just vanish and not be seen? An airplane would still be seen if it was leaving but this light was gone completely leaving only 3 lights left. The formation then began to shift. Then two smaller lights appear below the big 3 lights and they all sit in the same spot and then another small light appears out of nowhere and sits there.

The lights then all seem to be coming towards each other. We then decide to head closer to the object as we thought we could get a better view but we didnt. The video i filmed lasts 5 minutes. Its good quality and our reactions are just shocked i guess. I mean what else would you do if you love to read and hear about ufo's and you finally get to film one. I am extremely happy to have caught this footage. I have always believed in ufo's and that the government is indeed hiding something from us. I hope this video attracts many people into believing that there is something going on in our skies, and that i was very lucky to capture this footage. I hope you enjoy.

NOTE: are these flares dropped by the military during a training operation with helicopters? I'm keeping an open mind...though, this seems to be something other than a military procedure...Lon
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