Axthadan Alien Probe? Footage From Planet Axthada?

NOTE: Michael Cohen has again surfaced with an unbelievable theory...this time, it's Paul's video in his cross hairs...Lon

This seemingly incredible video has recently surfaced on the Internet. It shows a group of what appear to be Axthadan aliens testing or observing one of the small UFO probes they send to monitor distant planets. I have no idea where this UFO video comes from or whether it is genuine however many things about the film are remarkable:

* The aliens seen in the background look almost identical to the Axthadan aliens who originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. These Axthadans were also seen in the now famous Kumburgaz series of UFO videos that many believe to be genuine images of aliens awaiting clearance to travel home through a UFO vortex exit that is located off the Turkish coast.
* The entire scene fits in with what is known by governments around the world: That Axthadans are sending small probes to earth to monitor our civilization. It is now understood that Earth itself is located in Axthada's sphere of influence and territory. It seems that these beings have been subtly directing our development for millennia and might even have outright created us, somewhat in their (humanoid) image.
* Also interesting is the fact that the actual probe seen in the video looks almost identical to confirmed UFO probes from Axthada that have been studied by top secret Government departments.
* More astoundingly, the video quality and type is similar to earlier image transmissions sent by these probes and might actually be a video message designed to explain to Earthlings the origin and purpose of these probes.

Of course the video might be of nothing of any real interest and the similarities just a coincidence. Until more is established about who leaked this video and where it comes from little conclusive can be said about it. In the meantime enjoy the footage and keep in mind that there is a chance that this might be actual footage from the distant planet of Axthada.

NOTE: it's too bad I had to break the news to Cohen that this video was not from planet Axthada, but from Paul's flat in Perth, Australia...Lon
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