THE GRID - Alien Control

I was looking at birthday cards in a party store today when I came upon a young woman maybe 20 who was standing in the middle of the aisle blocking the way with her cell phone stuck to her ear.

She was frozen staring straight ahead as if in a trance. This young woman was completely unaware of the world around her. I asked her twice to let me pass. When I got no response I gently nudged her out of the way. She was not aware of my presence at all.

I see it all the time with cell phones -people driving, walking, shopping lost to real time while engaged in a second reality in cell phone land. People are becoming completely removed from the reality in front of them be it the road while driving or the children who sit ignored while with them, basically to all that is happening around them becomes second to the device stuck to their face. I have to wonder if that is normal behavior or something that we have been trained to do?

I watch as people are walking together with one or both on cell phones talking to other people while ignoring the person they are walking with. It is as if we are losing our ability to have one on one contact while becoming controlled by our technology.

I thought about how big screen TVs and computers have become the way of life across the world for many people. We do not sit as a family that often any more. We seem to section away from each other starring at TV screens or sit in front of computers instead of getting together in real time with real people for real interaction We are becoming lost to new realities all which remove us from each other by placing gadgets between us.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this since I wrote my article on the UFO seen by the group of hunters over the field where high tension wires, cell phone towers and a radio transmitter tower are all located in one large field.

In that article I talk about the group of men who late one night walked into this field and found a huge UFO hovering over this entire field with a laser type ray connected into the wires and towers. The men first thought that the craft was fueling or feeding. After talking to people I know who work in science about this incident it was suggested that it was far more likely that the craft was downloading data into the wires as well as collecting data out of them. The idea that something alien was feeding us data by downloading into our systems really frightened me.

Realizing that every home, business, school, every building is in one way or another hooked into our grid made me cringe at the idea of aliens also hooked into our lives by way of infrastructure. It made me realize how easily it would be to download control over our thinking once they had access to us by way of our technology. Not only could we have data placed into our ears, eyes and minds they also could collect what we watch, listen to, talk about or do on our computers. The idea gave me a shiver down my back that I still am not able to shake off

Watching the young woman in the store today made me wonder how much of our behavior may be controlled or modified by whatever and who ever was interfering with that field of wires and towers that night the hunters spotted that huge UFO craft?

If they are downloading data into our communication systems our homes -you have to wonder why and what they are trying to do? The idea of how serious this could be hit me while watching this young woman lost from reality while standing in a crowded store with her cell phone held to her head. She was in another reality of ‘cell phone land’ completely unaware of the real time people living another reality all around her. We see this happening every day yet we all seem to not notice what is going on at the same time. What is going on with all of us and this era of technology? Are we losing our way or worse giving our will over to something or someone else without any realization of it?

I thought about it all that day and started to really look at the people around me, I watched as people walked right out from stores or sidewalks into the street - like robots all with cell phones held to their heads. I paid attention to the routines of those I know and love and realized that the TV or computer was always on in every home. I realized how many of us watch TV while eating our meals instead of talking to one another. I watched as young people went from cell phone to computer to TV never off the grid for more then a few hours each day.

I thought about this and clearly saw how each and everyone of us have become part of this huge communication system I will call THE GRID and truly do give our selves over to whatever is coming to us by way of the wire and wireless communication systems we have become both addicted and trained to use.

I think about how many hours we spend each day watching TV, talking on our phones either land line or cell, surfing the net or chatting on line. Think about your day and how many hours you spend hooked to THE GRID. Be honest about the amount of time you have allowed yourself to be connected to that grid and how easily you may have been programmed or influenced by what ever that huge craft was and what it downloaded into our systems.

I thought about that article and the emails I received from the power company employees and a electrical engineer who told me they also had experiences with strange situations where odd things were seen, blackouts took place yet they were never able to explain what happened.

I thought about how many times over the years I read about UFO sightings and blackouts happening at the same time. I thought about how the hunters who saw that huge craft that night connected to the wires told me that the ship was dark, there were not lights on it, and unless you were close or under it you may not notice it at all against the night sky. I wondered how many ships in wooded areas are connecting to our infrastructure while downloading or collecting data all right under our noses?

It seems we are becoming robot like cold people who are losing the ability to communicate one to one without a device that is hooked into the grid. We are becoming divided by the modern day conveniences we purchase to make our lives easier and to entertain us. Instead we may be bringing into our homes cars and lives the very devices used to control us.

Knowledge is key in life. The more you know the more you can succeed in life be it in your career or with your family and friends. The more you understand in life the better you will be able to defend against things that may harm you. I think we need to look at this situation with a great deal more thought and care then we have so far. I fear we may be walking our selves off a cliff with our own gadgets and devices.

I now know that unknown crafts have been seen hooked into our infrastructure grids. I have had the most intelligent people I could find explain it was most likely to download into while collecting our information from that gird. I know we all sit in front of the devices that could carry what is being downloaded into our grids for hours each day. I believe we need to heed this knowledge and be aware of our actions and turn off our cell phones, limit our TV viewing and not sit in front of our computers for hours each and every day.

I wonder if we did change our behaviors if we would also start to change our view of things going on around us? I think we may begin to re unite with those around us. I think we are allowing things to happen to us that are dangerous yet easily fixed

I have turned off my cell phone and only use it for quick calls. I now visit those I want to talk to in real time. I only watch TV for a set time each day and I limit my computer use to work and research then I turn it off. I read constantly and have started to print out what I wish to read on the internet rather then sit in front of the active screen hooked into the system. I try hard to remove myself from the grid. I realize I must do this in order to keep my mind clear and my spirit actively connected in real time to those around me.

I think the worse thing we can do knowing this to be a possible dangerous habit is to turn on our computers while watching TV with our cell phones turned on and our minds turned off. What a perfect opportunity to brainwash, program and gather us in group into non thinking numb beings easily controlled and lacking in the art of exchange on a human to human one on one basis. As it now stands it will not be long before we are unable to communicate without something non-human hooked to us or between us.

Think about who you may really be dealing with, listening to , attaching to your brain and body -as well as bringing into your home the next time you turn on all your gadgets and entertainment devices and sit mindlessly in front of them. Do you really want to offer your body and soul up for the taking so easily? I say turn off from THE GRID and become completely human again.

We are new to all this modern technology, Mankind seems to be racing forward with this new world of communication and tech machinery however I do not think we as a species are really ready or evolving as fast as our machines are being produced in this new tech world.

I certainly do not think we are safe guarded against who else or what else can be locking into our new abilities. We are not sure who also is hooked into our technology or for what purposes. I think we need to stand back and take a second look at where we are going and how we are doing it.

It is never wise to jump off a cliff into dark water. Until we better understand what we are doing and who and what is hooking into our grids we need to handle it all with a bit more caution and care.

For now I limit my use of all of these things and have started to talk to those around me making eye contact and listening to what they are saying to me.

What a wonderful world it would be if we all turned off our devices and got back to the practice of humans living and thinking on our own together without a machine between us. Especially when we have unwanted visitors listening in!

Thanks to Chris Holly for providing this post
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