Jennifer Aniston Claims Psychic Ability

Jennifer Aniston thinks she is psychic according to one associate.

'She always felt she had some sort of psychic powers and used to think she would get premonitions' the associate told us. 'She then got hooked onto a book called 'The Secret' and really started to believe she was a psychic'

The secret basically tells people that positive thoughts can be projected onto reality. Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrity to get hooked on the book. It is believed Demi Moore also got heavily into it.

'She now carries around tarot cards everywhere she goes and is always doing readings for her friends and film crew members. Its kind of cute. She is now telling everyone she knows that the stars are aligned for her and it should not be long before she finds new love' concluded the associate.

NOTE: obviously, she needs to practice more...her last few film roles were less than stellar...Lon
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