Mailbag: Strange Activity in North Carolina House


The Perth Orbs are interesting.

I zoomed in on the face orb 7/27/09 article and on closer observation you can see another face on the NECK of the face. There you can clearly see the face of a man. The hair, eyes, ears, nose and mouth of a man. COOL!!

I have some similar photos that I took at my aunts house in Silverstone, NC in January 09. The face orbs in my photos show some pretty amazing detail. Her house is known to be haunted and always very active. I had set up a camera in the hallway on this night and captured the face of a man and using my digital had taken a few pics in the den which show the face of a little girl with blonde hair which appeared after uploading.

On this same night my boyfriend had taken some pictures of the upstairs. He and I were the only ones on the upper level of the house at the time. One of the photos was captured as we were walking toward the hallway. He was taking a pic of the back of me with him walking behind me and when it was uploaded it clearly shows two hands holding my shoulders. It is a rather creepy photo as well as the little girl that appeared.

My aunt married my uncle in the early 70s and they built the house on family property. After digging and dozing there were allot of Indian artifacts found. A few days later the family dog had dug up a mysterious plastic bag and was carrying the bag in its mouth to show to my aunt. The dog dropped the bag at her feet then lay down to be petted. When she picked the bag up and opened it she was shocked to find that it contained two pair of HUMAN HANDS. One was a woman and the other a child's. There was no deteriorating of these hands as far as I know and the flesh still intact. She placed the bag of hands in her car and drove over to my grandmothers house to show to her. My grandmother was shocked by what she had displayed and told her that she should immediately call the local police and report the finding. She was afraid to report it because of fearing that whoever had committed a murder on her new property might find out that she had discovered the hands and would possibly come after her and her family and kill them too. She told my grandmother to just throw the bag of hands in the trash and keep quiet about it to protect the family from any harm that might come from reporting a probable crime. My grandmother had promised to throw them in the trash but 2 years later during the holidays my mother, aunt and grandmother were talking after dinner when the hands subject came up. My grandmother told them that she had decided to NOT throw the hands in the trash that day and had KEPT them hidden in the attic of her home for the past 2 years as she was afraid that if she threw the hands of these dead souls away that their spirits might come back and haunt her and the family. She had felt very uneasy having the hands in her house and wished that the discovery of the mysterious human hands had never happened. My aunt and mother told her that they couldn't believe that she had been brave enough to hide and keep those hands and so she told them that they weren't the ones who had to live with them. She hid them away in hopes that everyone would be safe.

I found out about the mysterious hands through family conversation in the mid 1980s and from then on has been the topic since. I remember as a child visiting my aunt and spending the night there. I slept in the bedroom that was occupied by my cousin. It was a very unpleasant experience. The house was indeed haunted. Whatever spirit or spirits remained there were very angry ones. The bed I slept on would shake and my cousin and I could hear whispering voices coming from outside the room in the hallway. We just lay there staring at each other and afraid to move all night.

My younger brother was telling me some years back that he had spent the night there only once and that he awoke that night because he had heard whispering voices. He said that following these voices he rolled over in bed onto his back and when he looked up he could see my aunt floating over the top of him and looking down at him laughing with this evil laughter in her voice. He said the thing that creeped him out the most about his experience was the glow of red in her eyes. He said that he got up and ran down the hallway into her room and there she was unmoved..sleeping. Whatever the spirit was had taken the FORM of my aunt. This has happened many times to quite a few people on her property. My older sister had her experience there as well. She, my aunt and I were talking one day about her house being haunted when my sister nervously asked my aunt why she didn't remember floating over my sister one night laughing this evil laughter with that red glow in her eyes. She had asked my aunt following her eerie experience in the house as well as time and time again why she didn't remember doing this and my aunt would deny it ever happening. Then finally one day explained to my sister that stuff occurred all the time in her house and that she didn't want to discuss it because it was so frightening.

My uncle, while almost arriving home from work one day, was rounding the steep drive to the house when he saw my aunt walking towards the house. He stopped to ask her if she wanted a lift but said that she kept walking and never responded as if she didn't hear him. He went ahead and drove all the way up and parked. He got out of his car and walked inside the house to find that my aunt was there with their daughter preparing dinner and had never even left the house. This has happened several times to several people on that property as well.

The faces in these orbs are very REAL. The mysterious hauntings that visibly prepare these faces are very REAL.

Thanks for sharing and let's FACE it..We are NOT alone.

Bet D.
Sugar Grove, NC
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