Mysterious 'Circles' Discovered in Hayfield - Near Angel Fire, New Mexico

Witness statement: Local ranchers called me in November 2008, a couple of months after mowing down their hayfield. The rancher found some odd circles on which no hay had grown (or had grown and was ruined somehow, leaving the circles). I shot the first four photos in early November 2009 (the ground was wet and had been trampled by cattle). In late May 2009 I shot more photos of the same circles. They are even more pronounced now.

This land has been owned and hay grown/mown for 99+ years by the same folks. The rancher swears these circles appeared sometime last year. They worried him for two months after he noticed them before he finally told his wife, and she finally called me. The ranchers are currently requesting anonymity, but are willing to show them to a MUFON investigator.

I don't know if snow "stuck" to them since I was unable to get to them during the winter months.

Nothing is growing inside the rings, and the outside edges of the rings actually look a little wider now than they did last fall.

The circles are in a straight line. The west circle appears smaller than the other two (about 8 feet in diameter). The center and east circles are 10'-12' in diameter. They are approximately 60' and 66' apart.

A fourth circle (the small one in the foreground of the landscape shot) is 5'-6' in diameter.

If a line was drawn connecting the circles, the resulting shape would be triangular.

A mutilated animal was found at the top of the low hill sloping up to the south from where the circles are located about 75 yards away from the circles. Nobody reported any missing horses or cattle in 2008, so the ranchers are guessing the dead animal was an elk. Best guess from the ranchers is that it had been dead for three or four months. (Remember, the circles were about three or four months old when I first photographed them.)

The area DOES have people in it, but (as you can see in the panorama photo) is pretty isolated nevertheless.
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