New Gable Film Surfaces - 'Michigan Dogman' Victim's Remains? (Warning - Graphic)

gable film high quality with slow motion

Gable film...high quality with slow motion
NOTE: The video you are about to see is very graphic. It depicts the upper torso of a victim after an attack. The video has some very interesting similarities to the Gable film as well.

Commentary with video: I was at my little brother's house Friday June 10th and my sister-in-law was watching Fox News. A short segment came on about "the Beast of Bray Road". Hannity then played a clip from a film named..."The Gable Film".

Sirens went off in my head.

Our only uncle was a film nut in college, back in the seventies. He was always making home movies and beer commercials. He was even hired, (not for pay), to help the Michigan Department of Natural Resources investigate and document a bear attack, just north of Bellaire. (Our Grandmother worked in the Antrim County Courthouse,.... she had a hand in getting him the gig). The victim's name was Aaron GABLE.


My mother tells us that after filming the attack scene, our Uncle John was so distraught that he packed up his stuff and moved to Florida, two weeks later!. Mom says his behavior was becoming very psychotic, he couldn't sleep at night and he kept going on about how "bears have FIVE toes,..... dogs have four"!. Just a week after he left, a DNR officer hand-delivered the film that Uncle John made to my Mother's house. It's been in a box in the basement ever since.

Now, I seem to recall that these films usually lasted about five minutes or so, but the film we have is only about a minute long... and the end of it was obviously torn off, not cut clean. I wonder just how much is missing? We almost threw this film away just a couple of years ago, but I wound up buying a vintage projector on eBay, just to see what was on this film. (Boy, was I surprised). NOW,..... I find that there's this "Gable" film out there?

I wonder if these two films are related. I'll see if I can get it in better resolution, other than with Wifey's camera-phone. (It might be expensive,..... but I'm sure it'll be worth it).

One thing's for certain, whatever it was on that clip that they played on Fox News,..... it sure didn't look like a bear.'s the original 'Gable Film':

NOTE: if you compare the original film with the new film, there are some very interesting similarities, namely the 1968 Ford truck in both films and the female (similar body shape and hair). I was tipped off about this new video Sunday night...but I had service problems and couldn't get it posted for Monday's email. The combination of new evidence and the reports I have received and posted here, there's a very good possibility, IMO, that an unknown cryptid (or more) is roaming the wilds of Michigan...Lon
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