Photo: Ghost Debuts at Norwich Cinema - It would add a whole new meaning to the words “scary movie”, but could a ghost have been captured on camera at a Norwich cinema?

City-based photographer Andrew Kitt felt chills down his back as he processed his pictures from a photo shoot at Cinema City.

As he flicked between two images of the venue's courtyard, he noticed a shadow in one of the pictures that was absent from the next shot in the sequence.

Zooming in on the image on his computer, Mr Kitt saw what looked suspiciously like a figure. As he looked closer, it appeared as a hunched shape wearing what could, with a little imagination, be described as Tudor-style dress.

“The hairs on the back of my neck went up when I first saw it. I'm keeping an open mind. I'm not saying it's a ghost or anything, but it is certainly strange,” said Mr Kitt.

He took the picture from steps overlooking the courtyard at about 10.40pm one night last month , and while he cannot explain the shot he is adamant that it has not been tampered with in any way.

“It's not a hoax. Nothing has been done to that image,” he said.

The most likely explanation for the picture is that someone walked across the shot as he was taking it - the spot at which the figure appears is close to the kitchen door, which is used constantly by waiting staff - but Mr Kitt said he was “near enough 100 per cent sure” that didn't happen.

Cinema City and its bar and restaurant The Dining Rooms occupy some of Norwich's oldest buildings, parts of which date from the 14th century. The site itself has been occupied since the 13th century.

In the mid-1500s Robert Suckling, lord mayor, sheriff and burgess in parliament, bought the property, making substantial alterations to the buildings and renaming them after himself.

The centre of the house was, as it remains today, the Great Hall, with its scissor brace and crown post roof. Staff tell of odd, unexplained happenings on the site. Could the building's recent restoration have shaken up a few old inhabitants?

Bar and restaurant manager Steven Smith said: “One of the projectionists was closing down one night and heard a whisper in one of the cinemas. It just said 'Get out!' so he did, as fast as he could run. I'm here early in the morning but I've never come across anything eerie myself.”

He said the venue was virtually empty at the time the photo was taken, with just himself and a couple of staff present, and a few customers still in the cinema.

“I can't explain what it is in the picture at all,” he said.
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