Reader Recalls 'Ring of Fire' Encounter in Nebraska

NOTE: I received the following email from a reader a few days ago. He is asking others who may have witnessed this phenomena to come forward...Lon

I apologize for not using your e-form, but I don't have things set up to do that, and end up annoyed when I try to send the message and it asks a bazillion things for me to put in.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is something you'd even be interested in, and the only other person there (former roommate in college) is dead.

I had just purchased my first motorcycle in Holdrege, Nebraska...just a little 360 Honda. My roommate had a larger bike that we went to Holdrege on. I'll explain the circumstances, because it won't make sense without it since it was dark.

My roommate knew the dealer and had him looking for a cheap bike for me. He found one, and I was excited. He asked when I could get there, and my roommate said "We'll go after I get off work at 5!" So that's what we did.

Since it was early April (1985 if my memory serves..slight chance it was 1986), we took warm clothes. Long story short, I bought it, and we headed back to Hays, Kansas. I think it was about 9 or 9:30 PM when we left the dealership. Leaving out the details, we come to a spot where the highway meets another highway, and is dirt if we went straight. My roommate explained that if we go straight, we'll get to his parents' house sooner (spending the night there), and I was freezing, but had little experience on a bike, and didn't wanna wreck on the gravel. So we went east, I think it was, toward Republican City, Nebraska. We go a few miles on a hilly highway, and pop over a large hill, and several miles in front of us was this burning ring of fire (I assume a was slowly going down on the horizon, and we could only see a little over half of it). We heard NOTHING, and this thing was HUGE! It looked larger than a sunrise in the morning, with obvious flames around the outside, but completely black inside of that. I know about atmospheric aberration and that type of thing, so I won't restate how big it was.

Like in a grade B horror flick, and without even looking at each other, we eventually slowed to a stop at the exact same time after a couple more hills. We just sat there for a few seconds, in the bottom between two other hills, and said nothing. I finally asked him, "Did you see that?"

He replied rather unsure, "See what? We're going the other way!" And we did. I don't know if he was checking his mirrors, but I didn't much. Too worried about wrecking.

I assumed due to the magnitude of the thing, there would be all kinds of news stories about it...but nothing. Not even a whisper about anything bizarre. I wish I hadn't listened to Mark, and I'd gone to see what it was, IF that were possible. I have contacted several sites to see if anyone else saw something...but I'll never forget what I saw.

Now, not trying to sound like a crackpot...I also witnessed three UFO's in southern Kansas on the 5th of July (2008) at about 2 AM. And no, they weren't fireworks. Fireworks don't go from the northern horizon to the southern horizon...especially with no noise, and with about a hundred yard streak behind them. All three (diamond shapes, golden in color) followed the exact same arc, and were at the exact same speed, like a formation. I may have a few drinks, but I don't do any drugs or mushrooms or anything like that. Just happened to be walking my dog to prepare him for bed in the house. Tried to get a pic, but #1, wasn't fast enough, and #2, the town I was in has HORRIBLE cell phone service. It's in a valley, and my cell rarely works there, but it was my second thought. First thought was "WOW!"

Hope I didn't bore you to tears with something you didn't want to read, and I really hope you don't have a filter that keeps you from getting this. I love reading about these kind of things, and if I had loads of money, I'd do physical investigating.

Thanks for your time. If you have anything, I'd appreciate hearing about it. If you want any more info, I'll give you what I can. If not, I'll just keep reading your site. It is great.

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