'The Shining' Star Shelley Duvall Has Alien Issues

A disheveled and confused-looking Shelley Duvall - star of the classic horror movie The Shining - is trapped in her own living nightmare, and concerned neighbors in her tiny Texas town think she "desperately needs help."

The once reed-thin actress has packed on about 75 pounds since her Hollywood glory days and lives the life of a near-recluse in a ramshackle home off a dirt road outside Blanco, Texas.

The ENQUIRER visited the town of 1,500, where residents tell a sad story about the former Hollywood star. Friends and neighbors say Shelley is an odd woman who often appears out of touch with reality. She flashes her car lights at night to communicate with space aliens, believes a hole in her backyard is a portal to another dimension and lives in fear of aliens who are out to get her.

At age 60, Shelley still clings to her dream of returning to acting, though her last movie role was in 2002.

"Shelley wanders around town by herself, looking disheveled, strange and, to be honest, totally crazy. She mutters to herself and talks about aliens living in her body," a Blanco resident told THE ENQUIRER.

Despite being able to carry on a completely lucid in-person interview Duvall, recalls fondly her Hollywood days and still aspires to what most actors want - their next part.

"I would love to go back to acting if it was the right role," Shelley said.

After a killer earthquake struck Los Angeles in 1994, Duvall fled Hollywood back home to Texas.

Yet the one time Stanley Kubrick star who won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 1977 for Three Women is now someone local Dairy Queen employees shy away from.

A hardware store source told The ENQUIRER once Shelley asked for dirt and boards to board up a hole in her backyard.

"She said, 'That's a portal into another dimension. That's where the aliens are coming in,' " the source recalled.

"Shelley is…tragic. A virtual recluse, wandering about Blanco in a fog," another source said.

"She desperately needs help."

NOTE: granted, this is from the Enquirer and Ms. Duvall has exhibited strange behavior in the past (the Olive Oyl character was more truth than fiction, IMO)...but, it's an interesting scenario nonetheless. BTW, I'm not making any comparisons with the Perth orbs situation. Don't even go there! ...Lon


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