South African Family Has Destructive Spirit Exorcised

The Naidoo family of Stanger Manor remain convinced they had close encounters with the paranormal which started to affect their family negatively... that is, until they had the destructive "spirit" exorcised.

"At first all I noticed was a feeling of darkness with intermittent sensations of heat moving through the house which we moved into in March this year. At night my family and I would hear furniture in the lounge being dragged across the floor. Taps which were closed would open while we were asleep, and kitchen utensils which were securely placed on the counter would fall while my wife Prisha cooked."

Naidoo said the uneasy feeling continued unabated and the constant nightmares he started to experience in April this year, together with the mysterious illnesses that befell his family, forced him to seek help.

"My wife slumped into a depressed state and my daughter Vash, 10, started to look frail and terrified, which had doctors baffled as to the cause.

"I confided in relatives and friends who suggested I consult a local psychic healer who, after an initial visit to our home, said 'there was no light' in the home. That was when it dawned on me that the lamp we lit for prayer almost always went off by itself before the wick burnt out," said the devout Hindu. During the cleansing process, the psychic, Lavina Govender, said she learnt through her spiritual guide "that the soul of an elderly, lost and angry man prowled the house.

"Using a bunch of white roses and a lit candle, I succeeded in guiding the lost soul out of the house, to its spiritual realm," said Govender.

Naidoo said he and his family felt an immediate sense of relief after the cleansing prayer and had now decided to buy the home they rented.

He added that he tried to find out who had previously lived at the house and learned that there were many former occupants, which made it difficult to identify the lost soul.

Laying the matter to rest, Naidoo discovered that the original owner had died after suffering a stroke, but the spirit could have been anyone's.

Govender concluded: "Sometimes lost souls are confused and angry. They then create a negative atmosphere which can result in them manifesting themselves physically, moving objects or amplifying unnatural sounds. These wandering souls, commonly referred to as ghosts, need to be guided to their spiritual dimension." The founder of the South African Society for Paranormal Research in Gauteng, Marius Nienaber, said places that were haunted "were usually ancestral land".

Nienaber said he researched using clairvoyants together with cameras and electro magnetic field monitoring devices. He added most video footage they had of spirit activity came up as yellow, green or blue beams, which he said confirmed paranormal activity.
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