Strange Image Sparks Debate In Rhode Island - The phones lit up at a Rhode Island radio station Thursday morning after a listener came forward with a quite unusual cell phone picture.

The Lite Rock 105 listener, Kasey, said she took a cell phone picture of her 22-month-old niece, Penny, while babysitting last week. After looking at her photos, she noticed what appeared to be an older woman standing behind Penny. However, she said the two of them were alone in the house when the picture was taken.

“When I first saw the image I jumped out of my skin,” Kasey said on Jones and Heather in the Morning. “There were no mirrors or television in the room to produce such an image.”

Is this the woman in the photo? Kasey's family members think the image could be of her great-grandmother, who passed away in 1990.

The photo sparked quite the debate among listeners, who began flooding the radio station with calls about their beliefs and personal experiences with the afterlife, and some with their doubts about the legitimacy of the photo.

NOTE: a photo/computer tech associate examined the image and declared that was NOT altered. Another colleague concurred as well. They did a comparison with the great grandmother's 'living' photo stating that they believed it was the same person, though the recent image looked a few years younger but the features were very similar. BTW, do you want to 'freak yourself out'? Stare at the woman behind the child for 10-15 sec....I swear it looks like she's moving towards me. Maybe I just need some more sleep..Lon
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