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My last few articles that I have written about the fear that is felt by those who have had close encounters resulted in many emails from those who also have felt this fear and also have had encounters that they have not really talked about openly due to the ridicule and reaction of the public.

My article about the large UFO sighting by a group of men who watched it attached to a group of main electric tower lines along with a cell tower and radio tower transmitter also resulted in many emails. The emails continued with my article concerning the grid and my thoughts of what is going on with so many sightings of unknown crafts all over the world near electric wires or plants as well as other infrastructure parts of our society.

Most all the emails were positive. Many were from people telling me about their own experiences with the unknown. I also had one or two run of the mill hate emails. The hate mail is always the same and always ridiculous ranting of hatred and ignorance by those who really have no idea what they are talking about.

I think it is sad that people who are limited in thinking would rather send out short sentences of hate always misspelled instead of spending time reading and learning. It is a sad- but part of the life of all paranormal writers who try to open people’s minds to what is going on all around them. It also is something that is silly and not going to stop what we do or is given much attention or consideration. It is however a symptom of why people shy away from coming forward when they encounter the paranormal.

Who needs to listen to close-minded fools after experiencing once in a lifetime events? It is easier to just shut out the world and keep your experience close to your family and friends. I try to bridge this gap making the knowledge we do have at least available to those who wish to read about it.

I have had people send me the events that they have experienced trusting that I will protect their identities yet share what they have encountered with those who are interested in knowing what others have endured or experienced.

I want to share a few of these real people real events with you and have compiled a few of my emails as to share what other people all across the country have experienced. I understand how exhausting dealing with the limited thinkers and haters can be and fully intend to be one who will tell the stories of those who have encountered the unknown while protecting them from the ignorant and cruel.

My first email came from someone I grew up with that only recently sent me this report of what he and his family witnessed back in 1972 on the Connetiqout River on Long Island New York.

“Back in 72 my family and I were on our cabin cruiser anchored at the mouth of the River. We would often stay the night on the boat before heading out in the morning to go fishing or dock over at Fire Island for the weekend.

This was a Friday night in August and it was like many other nights we slept over on the boat before heading out for an early morning trip. It was a beautiful clear night and my brother and I decided to sleep on the open deck in our sleeping bags instead of below.

Shortly after midnight I woke up. As I adjusted my eyes from my sleep I thought I saw a bright light skim across the boat. I got out of my sleeping bag and stood up to look around. The moment I stood up I saw it over the river hovering in the sky. I quickly bent down trying hide from view and crawled back to my brother. I woke my brother and told him to not say a word and crawl with me so we could get inside the boat and wake my parents. Slowly we made it below where we woke my mother and father whispering to them that a UFO was hovering over the river above the boat.

My father looked at us as if we were nuts but also could see how terrified we were. I told my parents you could clearly see it from the boats windows that lined our small sitting area topside. We all silently crept into this sitting area and watched staying hidden from view at the large craft hanging over the river.

The thing was about the size of a house in width but only about one story in height. It was gunmetal gray and seemed to illuminate a white glow every minute or so but mainly stayed dark which made it much harder to see in the night. When the thing glowed you could see it clearly defined. It was like a big cucumber looking thing that just hung there in the night sky. It made no noise and did not cause the water to ripple or move under it. I could not see any openings or windows at all.

The water under it began to move in small whirlpools and we heard a slight noise like a distant motor and it started to glow and rise. It just went straight up and then as it got smaller just shot off away out from the river over the bay towards the ocean. In seconds it was gone.

The next morning my parents asked a few other boats that were also spending the night if they had seen or heard anything the night before. The people all looked at us like we were crazy. That was our first taste of how you are treated when you see something and say something.

We only told the people we knew and trusted about this sighting as we quickly learned how those who have never seen anything receive this kind of thing. We heard by way of town gossip that a widow who lived alone in one of the houses along the river claimed she saw a UFO that summer also. The poor woman was made the laughing stock of the town.”

I found the above story were interesting as I grew up along that river and know this family for many years. I had no idea that this event occurred until my friend recently sent me that email. He also told me that it bothered him all these years that they never reported or talked about the event and wanted me to write about it. That is when I decided to compile his and other sightings sent to me into articles I can share with all of my readers . It is in my mind very important that these events are shared and made public. The more we know about what others have experienced the better prepared we all can be for what may one day be right in front of our own eyes.

I received this next email from a man who now lives in Europe but grew up in New Jersey. He wanted to share what happened to him in 1987 while living in New Jersey.

“Your latest article about people seeking out alien abductions is most interesting for several reasons. The first one being that me and one of my friends tried doing exactly that by driving up to High Point, NJ 22 years ago. This was, an area that was reported to have had its fair share of UFO sightings back then. I now realize the foolishness of that endeavor, and am grateful that we weren't abducted!

I've always been interested in the UFO phenomenon because I actually experienced a UFO incident when I was 9 years old back in 1977 in Garfield, NJ. It was the creepiest thing. Back then we had a backyard swing, and I was playing on it when all of a sudden I had the scary feeling that someone was watching me.

I noticed that all the usual summertime sounds had disappeared. Sensing that something was up, I stopped swinging and looked around, only to be shocked out of my mind at seeing a UFO hovering right above our garage, about 50 feet away.

The thing was as wide as the garage, about 15 feet and was shaped like a lentil, having a top and a bottom half, one of which was black, and the other silver/chrome and segmented. One of the halves was rotating but for the life of me I can't remember whether the top half was black or the bottom was, or which of the halves was rotating.

I looked at this craft for about 15 seconds before running upstairs in a panicked state to tell my parents. By the time they could look outside it was gone. I was quite shaken by this for many weeks.

I know for a fact that what I saw was real, because even at that tender age I knew the difference between an airplane and I knew what the Goodyear Blimp looked like. Years later, when I first got on the internet I started looking up UFO sightings in northern New Jersey, and lo and behold other people in the area saw the exact same craft as I did around that same time!

A couple of years before that was the famous Passaic sighting where a UFO the size of a city block hovered over the city for like an hour and was seen by soldiers, doctors, police officers, and other highly credible witnesses.

Mind you, I have no conscious recollection of any abduction event taking place I don't ever want to be hypnotized, because in the event I really was abducted, I really don't want to know.”

I have gotten other emails concerning sighting by people when they were children and realize that many of us spent so much of our time out doors as children, which of course increased our odds of having sightings. We also were more aware of our surroundings as children and were able to realize when things were different and took the time to stop and look around. As adults we seem to be lost in the daily grind of obligations and are far less in touch with our surroundings.

Another man sent me this report of a very odd event he endured as a child.

“I had this encounter at my home in 1961. I was 7 years old.

I was in my backyard playing when an extremely bright light appeared along the fence. Out of the light a door opened and two creatures emerged.

Being 7 years old at first I thought these were power company men to fix power lines. They had on bright aluminum suits with an emblem on shoulder that was in blue of a flying snake. It was similar to a doctor’s emblem.

Communication with these beings was instant as they could read your mind and knew my thoughts. One of the beings touched me on the head and said "This ones mind is well organized."

I never forgot this incident or what that little man said. Shortly afterward I learned about the Hill's abduction and I could relate.

I think they target children due to their lack of fear and the alien's lack of fear of our children. It can go on for years with the same person I am told.”

This man never forgot what he saw that day. I received other reports very much like this one where children where approached and had communication with the beings.

The common thread I found in these reports is that the children did not remember physical talking but knew the beings were communicating with them. I also found a similar description of the beings- being of light or covered in light or looking like glowing angels. It seems as though something is brazenly approaching our children right in their own yards while they are playing without our being aware of it.

The last email I have added to this article is one that can be added to the many others that I receive or read from all over the world involving electric power plants, electric wires or blackouts.

It is obvious that there is a connection with UFO’s and our infrastructure. I know the idea is frightening to many and that this fear has been the base of a few of my hate emails. I can only say that it is best to understand what may be going on around you. Being angry when it is brought to your attention is foolish and extremely dangerous. It is far better to understand what we are dealing with then to hide or scream at those who try to open your minds to new thinking.

Many reports come from the area of our grids or our interior systems that connect us all. It is impossible to 'not' think there are reasons to justify this type of report. These sightings have been going on for as long as we have had wires and communication devices connecting our building and homes.

The following email is from a woman who gives this report that took place in Texas in 1974.

“At the time I was a teenager out in my car with a boyfriend. We were cruising around at a popular place called Mt Creek Lake in Dallas, Texas.

The area is hilly with winding roads and thick woods. There’s an electrical plant located there alongside the lake.

It was a late summer weeknight and we were about the only ones out there. The year was 1974 and it was evening in late Aug or early Sept. I was planning on ending my relationship with this boyfriend and was riding around looking for a good spot for us to sit and talk. I think we both had the same idea that night. While on our way to a good spot we literally were almost run off the narrow road by a car speeding out of the area.

Dirt and road rocks hit my car. Being a new driver I was really shaken up by this and pulled over immediately into the first lit up area which was the amber tone lights of the electric power plants parking area.. The amber lights made things surreal. I’d never been to this location before or this part of the lake before.

As we looked around the lake we both had the shock of our lives- as there it was.

Right there in front of us was this huge craft hovering no more than 3 ft above the lake water next to the plant. The plant appeared closed as it only had on what looked like night-lights on. I’ll never forget the plant had a 2nd story picture window. I could see the plant was dimly lit inside. I was amazed that not a soul was looking out that window. They would have had an extra close and perfect view of the huge dull metal color, no windows, and no doors, UFO.

It was perfectly still and no more than 3 ft above the water with nothing between it and water. It had great height to it and it was round. We could not see all around it because of its size. It was round in shape, like a big dome shape. It was kind of plain looking. It was just hanging there still over the lake above the water. It was a dull metal color This UFO was the size of a 2-story house. It had to have at least 2 levels to it. It was so low I couldn’t see the flat bottom side of it.

It was running because it had lights operating. I remember the eerie white lights mostly but I do also think I remember seeing blue and red ones too.

After about a minute’s time we spoke to each other. What is that, not a plane, not the shape of a blimp, not any flying thing I’ve ever seen, it must be a UFO.

How is that huge thing staying above water and not moving? It’s quiet but it’s running, those lights are like search lights, what’s behind those lights? There’s a strange low operating sound to those lights, look there’s no doors, hey there’s no writing on it either, what is it then? There are no windows; it’s definitely a UFO.

It must be getting it’s energy from the electric currants under water, maybe it’s gassing up, can something see us behind those lights hitting us (intermittently)?

The lights are frightening- do they see us? What the hell’s inside it? The car that went speeding by us must have seen it too. If this were supposed to be here somebody would be in the bldg looking out.

We started to get really scared. I felt as if they were watching us. We are really scared. We did the very same thing the other car did and got out of there as fast as possible.

We might have been there 5 minutes…couldn’t say for sure. The parts I remember seem like that amount of time. It could have been longer. We both just wanted to get back to safety as fast as possible. I remember my boyfriend being very anxious to get to his home showing me shortcuts to his house. He was not the type to act that way.

When I got home I told my mother and it seemed like she believed me somewhat. She vaguely does remember me telling her about the incident today. I never saw the boyfriend again to discuss it. I didn’t have to break up with him. I guess a lot was said without saying it. After all who would have ever believed us? In fact I pretty much went on about my life and kept this to myself until much later in my life. I hear others do the same.”

I found this email to be an excellent report of a sighting near an electric plant that fits in with so many other reports out there. Many people are seeing huge crafts silently hovering over electric plants, power plants and other sources of infrastructure areas. They also go hand in hand with black outs and drone sightings above our electric lines. How can so many people be seeing such similar things yet no one seems to be aware of it?

I will leave you with these emails to decide if you think we all need to pay far more attention to what is taking place right under our noses all over this country, all over this globe- without our being aware of it.

To my readers who sent and allowed me to share their experiences with all of you I thank you all. If you have had a encounter, sighting or event tell someone. Who knows one day maybe your report will help some other person make it through the moment they come face to face with the unknown.

Be careful out there and always keep looking up!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly’s Paranormal World


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