Video: Several Sightings of UFO - Deqing, Guangdong Province, China - The UFO that was seen by 22 students in the city of Deqing in China during a rooftop observation of the solar eclipse has been hailed by that nations massive UFO community as the UFO event of the year. Yet it is being ignored by the west.

It has now been confirmed that no less than 9 students separately filmed and photographed the UFO as seen in the film and still photographs. Now the students have handed over the footage to government authorities for examination. The story is also being aired on television news broadcasts.

Evidence is now filtering through that other footage might exist too.

'We believe this might be the smoking gun UFO sighting and UFO researchers will definitely be looking to interview all of the children' noted one UFO researcher on one Chinese language UFO forum.

NOTE: this is a follow up on a large scale sighting in and around Deqing city in the Guangdong Province, China a few days ago during a solar eclipse. I don't know if more news is going to come from this. Actually, the footage is interesting and probably deserves a closer look...Lon


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