Cryptid Sighting - Garrett County, Maryland - 12/16/09

NOTE: I received the following account this morning. I have no idea what this cryptid is and was hoping to get some suggestions from the readers...Lon

Early morning, December 16, 2009 at approximately 1:30 AM, I witnessed a strange creature as I drove home from a holiday party. I live in western Maryland a few miles outside of Grantsville, MD. The sighting occurred only 1 mile from my house. I was completely sober since I cannot drink alcohol for medical reasons. As well, I was not tired since I had slept several hours before I went to the party. I was alone, though I had given a friend a ride to her home. I was traveling at the posted speed limit, maybe a bit less since I always watch for wildlife crossing the road after dark.

I slowed down because there appeared to be an animal digging in some trash next to the right sight of the road. It was 20 feet or so from my car. I slowed down to get a better look and noticed that the creature was too tall and bulky to be any animal that I have ever seen locally. I'd say about 4 ft. tall and about 80 lbs. It was dark gray in color with long straight, coarse hair. Then it turned and stared at me with it's large eyes set forward on it's face that appeared bright red in the headlight. The paws were very unusual, almost like human hands with long fingers. It acted surprised that I was there but remained motionless staring back at me. The face was shaped a lot like a large rat but had a flat face. I didn't notice a tail.

After several seconds it crouched down on all fours and scampered off in a long gait towards the woods nearby. I decided not to chase after it since I had a bad feeling about this thing. I told a police officer friend who told me that there was a similar sighting the winter before after a homeowner witnessed it feeding on a deer in their backyard. He said that I should file a report with state wildlife officials but I wanted to see if anyone could suggest an identity of the creature before I file the report.

Thanks for your site. I hope you can post this. I'll watch for opinions. Darlene, Garrett Co. MD
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