'Paulding Lights' Excursion Results in Another Discovery

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MUFON witness report: My son and I wanted to investigate the Paulding Lights Mystery. So the morning of March 1, 2009, after I had gotten off work, we took an Northwest Airline flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Iron Mountain, Michigan. We landed about 4:30PM and I think we left Iron Mountain's airport, called Ford Airfield, about 5:30PM. We rented a car and drove to Paulding. It was about +2 above zero when we left the airport. We drove from Iron Mountain MI and Paulding MI via State Road 2 to Watersmeet then State Road 45 to Paulding. We made one stop for coffee (but I would have to go back and re-due the route to remember which gas station we stopped at). The sun was starting to set low and I told my son that he should do an intro to our video explaining what and where we where going to investigate. As he turned on the camera, the camera filmed something in the back seat of our car, however, we never had time to review the film until three months later. I have asked the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota to see if someone there might have an idea on what this might be. I also posted the video on YouTube to see if anyone else might of filmed or seen the same thing. YouTube post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YVObeD6qGI

Here are Your Following Points:

1. We were driving to Pauling Michigan from Iron Mountian Airport.
2. Reviewing the film we took looking for the Paulding Lights.
3. Dimensional Person.
4. We did not noticed anything while we where driving. Not until I reviewed the film 3 months later did we see the thing in the back seat.
5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object. Normal
6. How did you lose sight of the object? Only the camera saw it.

We were using a JVC compact camcorder model GR-AXM17U, it uses VHS-C tapes. I really would like someone to take a real good look at this film.


SFC Luis J. Soria (ret)

NOTE: You don't normally see a spirit anomaly report at MUFON. I don't really know what to make of this but there is probably a plausible explanation, though, the glowing of this anomaly is very interesting...Lon

UPDATE: I received the following from our spiritual adviser and medium 'SW':

Male child spirit, connected to a particular spot in the area where video was taken, near (or on) a curve in road. There are the letters "D" and an "L" that are important but don't know if that is from a name, location, etc.

Child sits in back seat like he did before his death, over and over. Child is very sad. He rides in many cars though most all never know he is there, always going the same direction, to the same place he died.
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